Yamaha DXS12
Yamaha DXS12

DXS12, Active subwoofer from Yamaha in the DXS series.

JimboSpins 01/24/2013

Yamaha DXS12 : JimboSpins's user review

« Perfect for the mobile working DJ »

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The Yamaha DXS12 is a 600 watt active subwoofer with a clean sound even at high volumes in mid-sized clubs and venues. I have worked with this sub on about 15 different occasions and the thing about it that fascinates me is that for this price you do not expect to get a woofer that you crank up the volume and still get a very low bass with no distortion at all. This sub provides very deep bass and I recommend it to all DJ’s that play house and dance music mainly because it sounds great with those bass types. It is even great for school systems and church systems as just the main sub. The low end sound is very full, deep and rich.
When it comes to getting a quality sub like this one you will need to take into consideration what style of music or what exactly will it be used for most of the time. The DXS12 is good for just about anything though, that is why you cannot go wrong with purchasing it. It even has a built in XSub which will let you extend the frequency to an even lower response if you want to.
This sub is very portable and only weighs around 70 pounds at the most. It has 2 XLR inputs and 2 XLR outputs with wood enclosure and no mounting, it will be need to be a floor sub which for this style of sub is just fine. It delivers a peak power of 950 watts with around 600 watts continuous. You cannot daisy chain these together so if you are looking to add more in the future you might want to pick a different sub to purchase. This sub is not very big and can fit in a regular sized car without any problems. It is perfect for the mobile working DJ!