Tascam DP-24
Tascam DP-24

Digital Multrack-studio

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stompboxjon 01/11/2013

stompboxjon's review "Portable studio"

The TASCAM DP 24 is a digital studio with 24 tracks. It may seem like a larger unit, but it really is pretty small and compact which is the reason that I purchase it. Being that it was a 24 track studio that was portable was something that I thought highly off and wanted to have it right away. I also had a custom soft case made for it jus to protect it when it is not being used or transported. There is a semi large LCD screen on it that lets you look at the tracks like you would in a DAW on your computer. The screen is nowhere near as big as a computer screen but it is not bad considering the price of this unit and the size of it.


There are only two mix down effects on this unit and they are reverb and chorus but they worked just fine for me. There is a built in CD drive that you can burn right to a CD from after you record a track, or you can use it for back up too. The DP 24 has a chromatic tuner and metronome built into it with MIDI input/output to sync your clocks with other gear.


The total weight of this unit is no heavier than 15 pounds and it records and stores information on a SD card. It can take SD cards up to 32 GB. Just about everything you could ever need is on this portable studio, about the only thing that I was not a fan of what the effects section which is very thin. But you can also track out and use effects from other gear or in Pro Tools and where ever you do your final masters at.


I mainly only use this studio just to do some small on the road stuff with but everything always makes its way back into Pro Tools for me, I love how I can just burn everything right a CD and later just put the CD in my computer to get my files.
Ccaraibe 07/16/2014

Ccaraibe's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

All the connections very well xlr


Clear manual malgres it's a little digging


Transparent for what I do


For 6 months and I preferred the sound better on the tascam boss, I would do this choice
bennyevolve 04/26/2014

bennyevolve's review (This content has been automatically translated from French) " A good compromise"

See manufacturer's data sheet


Simple and intuitive to use, I chose the DP-24 because previously I worked on a 2488 ...
Easy and well thought out .... for musicians like me who love ... not ordis.
I used to make demos to save scores and keyboards wave and midi format (on CD) and then to mix in studio. (No need to register and stress in the studio). I Do it with me to cool. just going out with the mix cd.

The manual is pretty clear and in several languages.


The quality is quite good for its price / quality.
For demos is ideal. Repeats in my group was recorded on 8 tracks simultaneously ....


I use since January 2488 2014.Satisfait former, my choice was pretty fast.
I even had a look about on zoom, korg, roland etc ... without enthusiasme.
As I said before, the quality / price is quite correct.
K-k 04/23/2014

K-k's review (This content has been automatically translated from French) " Excellent this DP24"

The configuration is described in other reviews!


great tool for someone like me, ie starting with this kind of bike but I easily found my bearings because the DP24 is very well organized and everything is clear (to me)
the screen is for sure one of the highlights small but incredibly sharp!

The manual is fairly detailed for basic functions but undoubtedly the DP24 is more than what is reported in the manual!


sound and recording level, I like everything is sharp and clear and the effects for someone like me who do not like abusing additions this and that and grind sound through here and there, are really great and I sort my music to the final with a sound much better than I hoped pouvai!


I samba music raiz therefore quite clean and natural sonoritées and DP24 gives me satisfaction for just over 600 euros is really great!

For sure I do it again the same choice and sometimes twice a day!

You are a novice like me, then do not hesitate this bike holds, and what made this ad with a copy of its quality (if the sound upstream is worthy of the name) excellent after my ears and I always trust my esgourdes!

And I have not been around all possibilities but 30mn watch in hand I managed to get a record 3 songs while this was my first experience in the genre, this is not nothing!

9/10 because there is always the size above 9 but it is not stolen!

For the price and range of this equipment is really a bargain!
lbgo000 07/10/2012

lbgo000's review (This content has been automatically translated from French) " Well!"

Recording to SD card - that's exactly what I tried - no noise, no fear of vibration.
24/48 - maximum sample
Midi in / out - timecode sync master / slave - midiclock out - remote in / out
No spdif - damage
Simultaneous recording 8 tracks mono (it only records mono files)
Simultaneous playback 24 tracks mono (16 mono + 6 stereo faders) in 16/44 (demo compos given with DP24)
Record 8 mono tracks simultaneously with the reading of 8 mono tracks in 24/48 - I have not had any opportunity to push my tested further
Combo XLR Inputs 8/1 with jack switch hi-z
2 outputs for external effects in jack
1 monitor output into two mono jacks
A master output in RCA
1 headphone
1 pedal input


The unit is rugged enough to share input level pots - very cheaps.
Faders pleasant. Large color screen - great practice!
Use is extremely intuitive, very few menus, everything is very well thought out - really Tascam hat.
Starting the bike only takes a few seconds.
Automatic backup - the rules of Tascam - or the dedicated button.
And the big step forward for Tascam - recording directly. wav (this is also the only format that includes DP24), searchable, modifiable using USB or directly on the card in the computer. No more proprietary formats!
However there are also flats
- Remote control by noon. Very complicated to set up with sequencers, I arrived with Studio One and Midi Translator of Rome, but I spare you the details ... But what took them to assign the controllers with the number of banks noon, but really!
- Firmware bug: if I plant normalizes the master 24/48 (ok so 16/44), the system clock resets every time I turned off the bike, plant from time to time with certain commands editing (cut, insert).
- Synchronization with the sequencer for timecode MMC (Cubase, Studio One) does not work well - it seems that Tascam has corrected this with the new firmware - I have to test.
The height - the minimum loop editing is 4 seconds! What good is the beautiful display of the waveform of the game released?! But hey, I'm not editing with DP24, but once I spent the files inside of my computer's sequencer.
Strongly updates to fix all that.


Recording quality is very good (I record in 24/48).
Effects - very average, but I only like the DP24, unwanted recorder - mix, arrangement, I finalized with Studio One on the computer. I wanted to forget the material at the time of the sound - with DP24 I got what I wanted. on the other hand then I prefer to work the computer - much less headlock and the quality is better


It's been one month that I have, so my advice is not exhaustive.
I started with Roland Vs 840 and then quickly switched to the 100% solution comp (Firepod Presonus). But over time I start getting tired - I wanted something more intuitive at the time of registration.
And now here bah - I press the On button - it lights up immediately. I press the big button Rec - it saves. Dp 24 offers a lot of comfort that allows this type of thinking to more music. It is a machine for the lazy - I'm - and I'm very happy with this material.
didou650 06/26/2012

didou650's review (This content has been automatically translated from French) " super outtil"

24 tracks including 8 can be used simultaneously.
entries are taken mixed; XLR, Jack, very practical. In output jacks to the monitor and RCA stereo, a headphone jack, a footswitch jack.
Entered, outputs for schedule syncrho, USB port for transfer to PC.
A 2 gig SD card for storage (I personally have put a 16-gigabyte (watch the formatting is very long, more than half an hour)
The recorder, CD player is also very practical, I served as a home CD player.
The color screen is readable and very enjoyable.


Operation is intuitive, the faders and knobs are nice to handle.
The manual is not always clear against but overall it comes to still end with patience. A bit of a chore as the use of effects.
Modes "mixdown and mastering are well thought out, especially mastering mode with settings pre-defined, very useful for me as a leek

Good accuracy also on the editions of tracks.


I was amazed by the quality of sound.


I do that has been barely two months, so I have not come full circle.
Before this camera I had a four track cassette recorder (time of the Stone Age)
I then went on a Roland VS 840, 8-track digital format, ZIP disks.
I I love is the rapididé in use, registration, quality known her.
Value for money, it's not bad. I know that at this price you can get a good sound card and a PC, but about choice, I prefer a reliable and touch.
To summarize, I'm not a pro in music but TASCAM has been a revolution for me.
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