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Thread readreason Redrummer[Electronic instrument]0magic man_en127902/06/2007 14:00
by magic man_en
Thread readgood but cheap synth[Electronic instrument]0DrmFunky124901/25/2007 08:15
by DrmFunky
Thread readNo sound from my Alesis QS8 - Need help[Electronic instrument]0Bortacus185501/18/2007 00:22
by Bortacus
Thread readI need help working my MPC 1000[Electronic instrument]1lambini7169801/05/2007 17:28
by ra7or
Thread readHELP with Alesis QS8.2[Electronic instrument]4jabri7306901/02/2007 01:34
by gt40_en
Thread readhow do i record and save songs on my technicskn650 midi keyboard[Electronic instrument]2Chet_en191511/21/2006 05:54
by egizio60
Thread readRoland JUNO and Cubase not talking[Electronic instrument]0Hieroglyph288011/05/2006 02:42
by Hieroglyph
Thread read1ST MUSIC STUDIO[Electronic instrument]2marcuss 1312810/23/2006 05:18
by ra7or
Thread readDo I really need a drum machine when I have a synthesizer?[Electronic instrument]1dmarfori44175410/22/2006 20:54
by Riverdog
Thread readDX7 II FM7 conversion[Electronic instrument]2docfelten204110/17/2006 08:20
by eeaton
Thread readYamaha S08+SQ1 sequencer softwr. + laptop[Electronic instrument]0Ramonhron324110/10/2006 14:24
by Ramonhron
Thread readI Bought my first midi keyboard and i have problems PLEASE HELP[Electronic instrument]0chrisiscarmad146609/23/2006 06:26
by chrisiscarmad
Thread readYamaha s08 no USB action[Electronic instrument]3megatone211209/04/2006 08:18
by ra7or
Thread readDRUM MACHINES[Electronic instrument]1stellar_en302709/03/2006 07:04
by roadwarrior
Thread readReaon 3.0 help (how can i make my own refills)[Electronic instrument]0industrial619298708/04/2006 13:52
by industrial619
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