A place where acoustics are carefully studied and controlled, the studio, like its little brother, the Home Studio, brings together all the necessary equipment at the different stages of music production: mics & preamps for recording sound; converters and recorders or computers for recording; console, sound treatment and effects processors for mixing, and of course a monitoring system to hear if everything’s as it should be.

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Thread readLow rumble in condenser mic[Microphones]1witulski302207/27/2005 14:39
by LooneyTunes
Thread readhooking up a condenser to your pc[Microphones]3acknowledgeyaboy141007/23/2005 19:25
by johnnytucats
Thread readStudio Projects B1 - Rode NT1 etc opinions please![Microphones]4dlo344607/06/2005 02:30
by sta-koen
Thread readdecisions, decisions[Microphones]0hadleman129207/05/2005 15:51
by hadleman
Thread readdoes a tele-to-xlr adapter support phantom?[Microphones]2AndyB129507/05/2005 05:03
by rbuscher
Thread readFostex VF-160 EX?[Studio & Home Studio]1mingusfan332405/24/2005 21:40
by KitC
Thread readSeeking advice on mike pre-amp and s/card to record audio[Microphones]0retep196105/20/2005 06:01
by retep
Thread readlistening/recording environment[Studio & Home Studio]0Shamelin162605/05/2005 10:06
by Shamelin
Thread readDecent condenser mic?[Microphones]5bubba808362104/27/2005 20:56
by KitC
Thread readrecording bass[Studio & Home Studio]3djkakee725404/06/2005 09:32
by mackovyak
Thread readfavorite microphoneGo directly to the latest post[Microphones]10revrb244602/19/2005 05:51
by pouxhawk
Thread readhard disc recorders with cdw[Studio & Home Studio]1boxerhead230802/02/2005 00:40
by BrazzBass
Thread readMarshall MXL 990[Microphones]3mackovyak258401/27/2005 09:55
by mackovyak
Thread readADK sc-2, overheads?[Microphones]0distortedskies103101/08/2005 10:15
by distortedskies
Thread readDusting Monitors[Studio & Home Studio]1mackovyak212201/05/2005 14:41
by Sam Spastic
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