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Looking for info on an old mic[Microphones]0radkins14405/15/2020 18:57
by radkins
Need mic advice?[Microphones]11THartranft1091608/13/2019 13:36
by Huli1
Sennheiser md 421[Sennheiser MD 421]0dhmdhm50409/25/2018 18:49
by dhmdhm
[Getting started] The top large-diaphragm USB mics[USB microphones]0Red Led44208/03/2016 04:16
by Red Led
Comments about the review: A Versatile and Affordable Tube Mic[Lauten Audio LA-320]0Mike Levine75806/10/2016 14:03
by Mike Levine
Best dynamic microphone under $150 for vocals?[Microphones]11audiophila206503/24/2016 22:54
by angelie
Mics that every audio engineer should have in their studio?[Microphones]5lethalweapon244012/17/2015 13:41
by Benoit Vinay
Help on choosing a microphone for chamber music recording[Microphones]4joseluis7696739209/16/2015 12:28
by LosRebellos
specs/repair address[Philips 9559]3Johannes2983407/01/2015 11:15
by Mike Levine
Comments about the review: A Bird in the Stand[Blue Microphones Hummingbird]4Mike Levine108506/16/2015 07:05
by Mike Levine
Optimize My MXL V250 Mic Setup (Vocals)[MXL V250]3MattyJones105505/27/2015 08:42
by angelie
pencile type figure 8 microphones.[Microphones]7angelie91005/20/2015 04:58
by Mike Levine
Great new idea to help before buying a new mic or pedal[Microphones]0APK4747212/03/2014 06:32
by APK47
Does changing the stock tube in a mic make a big difference?[Microphones]1DAWesome73310/25/2014 15:09
by Rockingham01
Dynamic Mics sound poor with my vocals, am I doing something wrong?[Dynamic Microphones]2thegrimreaper106510/10/2014 07:44
by clinicallyguitarded
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