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[News] JZ Recording Equipment Black Hole SE[JZ Microphones Black Hole SE]0kon-tiki53603/07/2008 12:38
by kon-tiki
[News] Brauner Phanthera V[Brauner Phanthera V]0kon-tiki53803/26/2008 10:18
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[News] Neumann TLM 103 D[Neumann TLM 103 D]0kon-tiki74503/28/2008 05:14
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[News] Neumann TLM 67[Neumann TLM 67]0kon-tiki81105/21/2008 02:07
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[News] Phanthera and Phantom Classic Shipping[Brauner Phantom Classic]0kon-tiki69605/21/2008 02:25
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[News] JZ Recording Equipment Black Hole PE BH3[JZ Microphones BH3]0kon-tiki69005/14/2008 10:54
by kon-tiki
New Sterling Audio ST51 large fet condensor mic[Sterling Audio ST51]1Adam Huffer173504/19/2008 12:40
by Psycom
[News] Kel Audio Design HM-7U[Kel Audio Design HM-7U]0kon-tiki105909/09/2008 10:18
by kon-tiki
Rode NT1A OR Shure KSM27[RODE NT1-A]3Hyperface294212/30/2008 11:52
by Hyperface
Comments about the news: Shure KSM44 Studio Mic[Shure KSM44]1TonyBruno135010/21/2010 01:23
by chaudio
Comments about the review: The Mic that Sparks Interest[Blue Microphones Spark]1Bootz316611/23/2011 10:57
by captainbeats
Comments about the review: Reactor's Studio[Blue Microphones Reactor]0Bootz101010/01/2012 00:20
by Bootz
Optimize My MXL V250 Mic Setup (Vocals)[MXL V250]3MattyJones105505/27/2015 08:42
by angelie
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