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Thread Advise requested from Enthusiast / Prosumer on Microphone

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1 Advise requested from Enthusiast / Prosumer on Microphone
My wife and I have been streaming on Twitch for about a year now and we will be moving to a new location within the next month or so. When we move, we would like to take the opportunity to really work on our sound. I do not think we sound "bad," but with anything there is room for improvement; in our case probably a reasonable amount of improvement.

First, I would like to mention that we are not discounting sound treatment in the room, we will be doing that but it is a separate discussion and we have budgeted for it.

As we dual stream, we have both people in the same room on separate computers, feeding a third stream computer. My wife has a Rode PodMic connected to a GoXLR, and I am using a wireless Antilion wireless ModMic. Obviously, my microphone is in the most desperate need of an upgrade between the two. However, we are not opposed to upgrading both microphones. Note, due to streaming ease, we will both be using a GoXLR interface for the new microphone(s).

We will be sitting anywhere from 6 - 8 foot apart so sound isolation is one of the top issue we need to ensure we are tackling. There is nothing more annoying than hearing a doubling of voices if the other microphone picks up.

The next issue is we have very different voice profiles. I think that is a no brainer as I am a male and she is a female. I also tend to speak much louder than she speaks as well. It may be necessary to get two different microphones.

Though we are in no way opposed to having the microphone visible on camera, having a huge pop filter is not ideal. I would consider a shotgun type of microphone, but I am not sure on the rejection side of the other voice.

Lastly, we would like to have the microphones $1000 or less. We are less budget oriented than we are value oriented. If a microphone that costs $1000 has features that we really do not need and the $500 microphone sounds very close... We would prefer the $500 microphone.

I know this a lot for a new member to the forum. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.