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Thread Mics that every audio engineer should have in their studio?

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1 Mics that every audio engineer should have in their studio?
I'm always looking for new gear as I grow my home studio. Aside from staples like the sm57 and 58, what are mics that you would agree should be in every studio?
No matter what application, i've found a pair of AKG 414s ALWAYS get the job done. They can make a squier sound like a custom les paul
You can't go wrong with 2 sm57s or 58s, a large diaphragm matched pair, a small diaphragm matched pair, one bi-directional mic, 2 dedicated omni-directional mics. I know I haven't many specific mics, but these are the types of mics I would get before considering that department of my studio complete.

Also, matched pairs won't be as necessary if you're producing EDM or rap unless you often use acoustic instruments. But if you're working with singer songwriters and most importantly, with full bands, the above list should help get you to the point where you can do so successfully. Now whether you can afford 414s vs an AT2020 is a whole other story....
Hopefully not too late to answer that, but with a friend we've developed an iOS app call Rës Pocket Microphone Library.
It includes 90+ mics used in studio or live setup with the tech specs (directivities, curves, etc.) and a comparator.
Check it out: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/res-microphone-pocket-library/id1016290844?ls=1&mt=8
I always think that a good dynamic mic is better than a cheap condenser. Things like the Sennheiser MD 441 or EV RE20 or Shure SM7b are classics I couldn't live without....
FYI, we've just pushed a new version of Rës: https://en.audiofanzine.com/other-software-iphone-ipod-touch-ipad/los-rebellos/res-microphone-pocket-library/ with more mics, better tech specs, prices, uses and also we added filtering to the DB by prices, directivities, etc.

We built it especially for people who want some info on microphones for live or studio before buying anything.
Check it out and send us some feedback!