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100v Amplifiers news

  • 3 New Radio Design Labs Amps

    3 New Radio Design Labs Amps

    03/03/11 in Radio Design Labs HD-RA35U

    In April, Radio Design Labs will introduce 3 new 35-Watt Mixer Amplifiers in their HD Series.

  • [NAMM] Phonic ZA100

    [NAMM] Phonic ZA100

    01/08/11 in Phonic ZA100

    Phonic will be releasing a brand new dual zone mixer/amplifier with USB playback – the ZA100.

  • Crown 135MA

    Crown 135MA

    02/26/08 in Crown 135MA

    Crown has launched its 135MA and 160MA mixer-amplifiers.

  • [NAMM] Crown 135MA & 160MA

    [NAMM] Crown 135MA & 160MA

    01/19/08 in Crown 160MA

    Crown Expands their Commercial Audio Series with the 135MA and 160MA Mixer-Amplifiers