Stanton Magnetics RM.100

RM.100, 4+ Channel Mixer from Stanton Magnetics.

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All user reviews for the Stanton Magnetics RM.100

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Vnr's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Stanton Magnetics RM.100
Table very complete, grd number come in, bar charts, assignable crossfade ...


Spacious, practical


Bp of breath in the last quarter (very light)
low output


Added: After 4 years of use not regularly, the mini fader balance cram vien of the table now running in mono, very difficult to get inside al to change it (I am not at all call electronics) it seems to me not very interesting to do rpar seen the price of purchase. shame, she corresponded al job j had ... j therefore lowers the score of 9 to 6.
Buy only 330 on a Belgian site (100 to 150 less than that in France), I used this console for 6 months and I'm really not disappointed. Initially I was leaning to one Chesley equinox, but the brand ceased production shortly before I decided myself.
The set is of good quality for the price rpport, of course we are not facing a Freevox, but the sound is good on all tracks, and it has strong enough lair. I regret only one output level too low u Masters level requires a push to m more that my amp with my previous table ... (Numark dm2000x), much of that appears a slight wind in the last quarter of the pots (but very light, even on 2x350w). Tracks by the meters are very practical and specific enough. The assignable crossfader is also very useful. Finally, the design is simple, what I enjoy. I used the time for me and I haven t yet had the test in OCCAZ night, but ca not be late.
Ultimately, I do not think m being deceived by purchasing this very complete table / versatile and relatively good quality for a very very small. Of course faith with three more budget day would opt for a mac ecler 70 or 90 or feevox ...
So I put a 9 this table that satisfies me completely for the middle range, only problem the output level that requires an intermediary between the table and the amp

darthknight's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Stanton Magnetics RM.100
Rack 19 "5U high
4 channel + mic dj. 2phono, 3 mic, 9lignes
beautiful prsentation


Trsdgage ergonomic no need for manual observation and minutes were all under lma hand.


Good sound good equals nothing wrong and I really like the sound.
Contrary to the first notice I do not think it introduces a breath on the last quarter master.


I just have it and one word: "trs good product."
I found it better than my djm 500 dynamic and better sound.
better end product for my taste and seems to me that by consquent beefier.
sij'avais knew I opt for this model directly, rather than the pioneer.
Now for comparison I prfre faders on my 500 pro eso xtrem.
but 175 in time and in the state or nickel I had I resigned 50 times for the same MODEL unfortunately too rare.