Yamaha KX49
Yamaha KX49
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All user reviews for the Yamaha KX49

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Average Score:4.2( 4.2/5 based on 5 reviews )
 1 user review20 %
 4 reviews80 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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moosers's review

Yamaha KX49
The Yamaha KX49 is a MIDI controller designed for use with your DAW. It has 49 keys, although they do make versions of this keyboard that have more keys and the same make up if you're looking for more keys to work with. The KX49 has a MIDI input and output as well as a USB port. You can power the KX49 with the USB port, so you don't need an external power supply if you're using this with your computer, but it does have a power jack if you need it. The controller also has a 1/4" connection for your sustain pedal and both pitch and modulation wheels.


The make up of the Yamaha KX49 gives users a lot of control over what they can do with. It has all sorts of assignable parameters in the form of both knobs and buttons, as well as an LED screen to navigate with. In addition to your standard MIDI controller features, it also has a section for controlling your DAW, which includes transport buttons and some specific controller for Cubase, which I believe comes with it although I haven't used it with the keyboard. The KX49 definitely offers up more versatility than most MIDI controllers out there, as there is a lot going on with it that I haven't even needed or had time to check out. I haven't seen the manual for the Yamaha KX49, but I'd recommend having it around if you're looking to learn all the ins and outs of the controller.


These days you certainly have a lot of different choices when it comes to MIDI controllers. The Yamaha KX49 isn't your typical controller, as although it might not have a cutting edge look like a lot of today's MIDI controllers do, it has an extended amount of features that definitely aren't commonplace. Since Yamaha is a such a large conglomerate, they can afford to offer up high quality products like this at prices that will blow most companies out of the water. This is definitely the case with the KX49, as I really think you're getting a great deal with it and a lot of bang for your buck. If you're looking for a MIDI controller that isn't limited in it's features, definitely consider the Yamaha KX49.

Amok_'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" To start"

Yamaha KX49
Keyboard synth hit
Afternoon and usb
-Arpeggiator (in fact these are the reasons)
-4 Buttons effectables midi
-Buttons control DAW and VST
Velocity-control keyboard, and the possibility of fixed velocity
-Octave shift
-Powered by USB or by sector

No split-
-No aftertouch


It is hit okay
-Sometimes notes do not respond, then it returns

-I never managed to install the USB => no steering vst
The installer tells me ports occupied twelve o'clock, even after uninstalled everything (sound card with midi, midi usb, ...)

The appégiateur-is composed of mini-sequences, rhythmic patterns
It is not at all like a arp synth, or by plating an agreement, the synth plays an arpeggio on the agreement
No arpeggio pattern (no arpeggio guitar picking)


I just this keyboard for the moment because it works well in midi
-Velocity curve is not bad
-I sometimes use the 4 assignable buttons transmitted noon, therefore usable even for hard

In the end, I never use the appégiateur which is not what I expected. In fact, they are mini-sequences suitable for certain instruments.
I have not found that these sequences are terrible, nor for the battery and for bass.
I think this is good for those appégiateur that starts computer music, as it surely will create a complete component, there are reasons for all instruments.

The fact that he has no aftertouch hard for my synth, and it is not splitable becomes awkward for my use.

This keyboard is generally of good quality and quite suitable for the person starting the computer music.

vetjc's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Super Q / P but disparities ..."

Yamaha KX49
For spec, see the Yamaha website ... What motivated my choice for this model is that it is a small lightweight master keyboard with built-in arpeggiator.
It is MIDI and USB connectivity is suddenly simple. It's enough to connect a sustain pedal.


The touch keyboard is "nothing more" (I prefer the Roland A500 by comparison) and the knobs are not very pleasant (I think it's mostly the texture of the plastic housing that is cheap home cheap). The game remains enjoyable because the keyboard responds very well, fairly dynamic. The keyboard is not too soft. There is no aftertouch. The config of the whole is clear and simple, there are a lot of buttons for the edition so it's pretty simple. I love the arpeggiator and countless reasons pre registered.


I use it for six months, I had a lot of keyboards master (Fatar / Roland / Edirol / Fame and even one (forget the last one ...). This keyboard is a low-end pulling out of the game by its arpeggiator and his keyboard correct (although there is no aftertouch).
The ratio Q / P is very interesting.

jptoo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha KX49
I look for a small keyboard with a master who could order arpeggiator cubase it has a USB port to send midi control change and a midi in and to receive tempo information cubase and midi out to send the commanders transport cubase and other DAW software


The touch keyboard and right in the middle without the comfiguration and simple asser ComTra by the large black dot c u is the manual for basic use all goes well, but important things are written in very small example comfiguraton syncro the explanation of the different USB MIDI is c asser search I do not even speak of Cubase AI4 not grip paper e suisencore I have to wonder how is the instalation tutorials and for a hassle yamaha we return to the vendor who Steinberg reminds us that e reference has more than a yamaha me to see the install forum


I have the last 3 months but I do not think I use all these possibilitees because of Cubase AI4 and are lack of manual arpeggiator and cons by a massacre piano arpeggios bass guitars ect ... q and not with are from the yamaha expendeurs nothing to do with the arpeggios of my mc 303 may be a small flat on the patterns of drums on it but I'm hard it's been 20 years since I programe my Drum I said ais not what I like least had seen the included ... and yes the record! I think I would do this choice and justify the price

Chlamydiae's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha KX49
I want a keypad with encoders, both here as transport controls, the software bundle and arpgiateur.

Ct quality of the keyboard, it is obviously not the quality of manufacture of my Yamaha DX 11 (which he more aftertouch), but it is reasonable trs, and the buttons and encoders seem solid.

A good place for connections (one pair over MIDI in the usb), and electric power book (but it can be powered by usb)


Flexible enough to touch but enjoyable, with many curves and even a VLOC VLOC fixed. Installation without problem (except that the authorization to Cubase AI4 is a chore, fortunately without dongle ...). Warning: it is apparently not possible to have multiple splitter or MIDI channels rpart on the keyboard (it's a keypad as a keyboard Matra). For cons, the transport keys are used to control Cubase (AI4 or another, or another DAW), easy configuration as the KX mule a Mackie Control).
Big intrt also for plug-in VST instruments, with 30 templates book and the possibility to program other and back, thanks to the KX Editor, Free yamahasynth on the site. Manuel trs well.


I've had 15 days before I was using my keyboard as DX 11 matre is my first keyboard CONTRL.

Goodies: good quality for all, and expression agrment VST to play, easy to order from the keyboard squenceur (transport, mixing window, solo, mute, etc ...) , bundled software (Cubase AI4, Analog Factory SE), ultra-complete arpgiateur

Cons: no aftertouch, no sliders, and no split or zone (at least I have not found ...).

I do not regret my purchase, good value price quality I think