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Yamaha Computer Music user reviews

  • Yamaha Digital Music Notebook

    Yamaha Digital Music Notebook - "correct"


    With what configuration and for what purpose do you use this software? What are your thoughts on its stability and performance? Is the software easy to use? Is the user manual comprehensive? Is the software efficient? Do its functionalities and fea…

  • Yamaha MJC8

    Yamaha MJC8 - "Buy It"


    The Yamaha MJC8 is a pretty simple MIDI controller. With 8 MIDI ins and outs it packs enough MIDI for your whole set up. It isn’t your normal size MIDI station, this one can be racked which is a huge plus for people like me that have a lot of gear a…

  • Yamaha UX 16

    Yamaha UX 16 - "Needs work"


    The Yamaha UX 16 is a simple and easy MIDI interface, it will support up to 16 MIDI channels and it has a 24 inch USB cable and 50 inch MIDI cords to make sure you can reach whatever piece of gear you need it to reach. All of the power for the UX16 c…

  • Yamaha i-MX1

    Yamaha i-MX1 - "Intersting, it is alot of fun. BUT.."


    The I-MX1 is an interface cable that will allow your iPhone or iPad to be able to connect right to any MIDI instrument you want. The set up is really easy, that is probably the best part about it, it really doesn’t require you to do much stuff with y…

  • Yamaha UW10

    Yamaha UW10 - "Small, but definatly some latency"


    The UW10 is a very small compact interface that reminds me a lot of the Behringer Ucontrol. Its very simple to operate and its only purpose is to record some basic stuff. I really didn’t even use it for much but just recording some basic demo vocals …

  • Yamaha CBX-K3

    Yamaha CBX-K3 - nopeeps's review


    I am waiting for this to arrive and you know Im just pretty stupid about this stuff... But I have looked everywhere like on the Roland official site and it says nothing about this controller being a tone modual... Mr. peeps are you sure about maki…

  • Yamaha KX49

    Yamaha KX49 - moosers's review


    The Yamaha KX49 is a MIDI controller designed for use with your DAW. It has 49 keys, although they do make versions of this keyboard that have more keys and the same make up if you're looking for more keys to work with. The KX49 has a MIDI input an…

  • Yamaha UX 16

    Yamaha UX 16 - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by lovol/translated from Audiofanzine FR) This product is probably nice considering its price but you have to know that it doesn't work with Vista. If you already bought it, you might find an adequate driver at: http://…

  • Yamaha I-88X

    Yamaha I-88X - FP User's review


    The features are good and the plugins are awesome. MLAN can be difficult to work with but once running it tends to run pretty flawlessly. Price paid 700 UTILIZATION It is easy once it is setup but because of the MLAN update it can be a little tri…

  • Yamaha CBX-K3

    Yamaha CBX-K3 - peepsaudio's review


    I bought this a while ago because I wanted a MIDI controller that I could use for my shows and also in my studio setup at home. I now have others but this baby was one of my first controllers. It works great as just a general MIDI controller or whe…