Yamaha KX49
Yamaha KX49
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Amok_ 09/25/2012

Yamaha KX49 : Amok_'s user review

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Keyboard synth hit
Afternoon and usb
-Arpeggiator (in fact these are the reasons)
-4 Buttons effectables midi
-Buttons control DAW and VST
Velocity-control keyboard, and the possibility of fixed velocity
-Octave shift
-Powered by USB or by sector

No split-
-No aftertouch


It is hit okay
-Sometimes notes do not respond, then it returns

-I never managed to install the USB => no steering vst
The installer tells me ports occupied twelve o'clock, even after uninstalled everything (sound card with midi, midi usb, ...)

The appégiateur-is composed of mini-sequences, rhythmic patterns
It is not at all like a arp synth, or by plating an agreement, the synth plays an arpeggio on the agreement
No arpeggio pattern (no arpeggio guitar picking)


I just this keyboard for the moment because it works well in midi
-Velocity curve is not bad
-I sometimes use the 4 assignable buttons transmitted noon, therefore usable even for hard

In the end, I never use the appégiateur which is not what I expected. In fact, they are mini-sequences suitable for certain instruments.
I have not found that these sequences are terrible, nor for the battery and for bass.
I think this is good for those appégiateur that starts computer music, as it surely will create a complete component, there are reasons for all instruments.

The fact that he has no aftertouch hard for my synth, and it is not splitable becomes awkward for my use.

This keyboard is generally of good quality and quite suitable for the person starting the computer music.