Yamaha KX49
Yamaha KX49
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vetjc 04/17/2012

Yamaha KX49 : vetjc's user review

«  Super Q / P but disparities ... »

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For spec, see the Yamaha website ... What motivated my choice for this model is that it is a small lightweight master keyboard with built-in arpeggiator.
It is MIDI and USB connectivity is suddenly simple. It's enough to connect a sustain pedal.


The touch keyboard is "nothing more" (I prefer the Roland A500 by comparison) and the knobs are not very pleasant (I think it's mostly the texture of the plastic housing that is cheap home cheap). The game remains enjoyable because the keyboard responds very well, fairly dynamic. The keyboard is not too soft. There is no aftertouch. The config of the whole is clear and simple, there are a lot of buttons for the edition so it's pretty simple. I love the arpeggiator and countless reasons pre registered.


I use it for six months, I had a lot of keyboards master (Fatar / Roland / Edirol / Fame and even one (forget the last one ...). This keyboard is a low-end pulling out of the game by its arpeggiator and his keyboard correct (although there is no aftertouch).
The ratio Q / P is very interesting.