Yamaha KX49
Yamaha KX49
jptoo 09/30/2008

Yamaha KX49 : jptoo's user review


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I look for a small keyboard with a master who could order arpeggiator cubase it has a USB port to send midi control change and a midi in and to receive tempo information cubase and midi out to send the commanders transport cubase and other DAW software


The touch keyboard and right in the middle without the comfiguration and simple asser ComTra by the large black dot c u is the manual for basic use all goes well, but important things are written in very small example comfiguraton syncro the explanation of the different USB MIDI is c asser search I do not even speak of Cubase AI4 not grip paper e suisencore I have to wonder how is the instalation tutorials and for a hassle yamaha we return to the vendor who Steinberg reminds us that e reference has more than a yamaha me to see the install forum


I have the last 3 months but I do not think I use all these possibilitees because of Cubase AI4 and are lack of manual arpeggiator and cons by a massacre piano arpeggios bass guitars ect ... q and not with are from the yamaha expendeurs nothing to do with the arpeggios of my mc 303 may be a small flat on the patterns of drums on it but I'm hard it's been 20 years since I programe my Drum I said ais not what I like least had seen the included ... and yes the record! I think I would do this choice and justify the price