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Yamaha Computer Music news

  • Yamaha launches Soundmondo
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    Yamaha launches Soundmondo

    01/12/16 in Yamaha Soundmondo

    Yamaha has officially launched Soundmondo, a social sound-sharing website for sharing Reface Mobile Mini Keyboard sounds.

  • Yamaha updates Nuage to v1.5

    Yamaha updates Nuage to v1.5

    04/09/14 in Yamaha Nuage

    Yamaha announced at the NAB Show 2014 the release in May of version 1.5 of its Nuage audio production system software.

  • New Tenori-On iOS app for electronic music

    New Tenori-On iOS app for electronic music

    11/07/13 in Yamaha TNR-e

    After the TNR-i, Yamaha introduced today a new version of its Tenori-On sequencer app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

  • [NAMM][VIDEO] Yamaha Mobile Music Sequencer
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    [NAMM][VIDEO] Yamaha Mobile Music Sequencer

    01/27/13 in Yamaha Mobile Music Sequencer

    iPad users can now benefit from the Yamaha Mobile Music Sequencer App, with an introductory offer price until the end of February 2013.

  • Yamaha & Steinberg Launch Nuage

    Yamaha & Steinberg Launch Nuage

    11/19/12 in Yamaha Nuage

    Yamaha and Steinberg have introduced "Nuage", an integrated audio production system offering both hardware and software.

  • [Musikmesse] Yamaha Updates Vocaloid 3 Editor

    [Musikmesse] Yamaha Updates Vocaloid 3 Editor

    03/23/12 in Yamaha Vocaloid 3 Editor

    Yamaha has updated Vocaloid 3 Editor to version

  • [NAMM] New Yamaha iOS Apps

    [NAMM] New Yamaha iOS Apps

    01/20/12 in Yamaha NoteStar

    Yamaha debuts new apps for iPad and iPhone.

  • Yamaha Faders

    Yamaha Faders

    06/28/11 in Yamaha Faders & XY Pad

    Faders is a Core MIDI application that controls external MIDI devices by sending MIDI CC messages from the iPad.

  • Tenori-On on iOS

    Tenori-On on iOS

    06/25/11 in Yamaha TNR-i

    The new app for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch is now available.

  • [Musikmesse] Yamaha i-MX1

    [Musikmesse] Yamaha i-MX1

    04/14/11 in Yamaha i-MX1

    Yamaha introduced the i-MX1 at MusikMesse - a MIDI interface that‘s connected to the Apple iPad and offers possibilities to control MIDI equipment.