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Yamaha launches Soundmondo

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Yamaha Soundmondo
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Yamaha has officially launched Soundmondo, a social sound-sharing website for sharing Reface Mobile Mini Keyboard sounds.

According to Yamaha, Soundmondo is one of the first sites to implement WebMIDI, a new W3C (API) pioneered by Google in Chrome (versions 43 and later). WebMIDI connects MIDI devices to the Internet, hence allowing musical instruments to play online synthesizers and also to save or share sounds with Soundmondo. Because WebMIDI is part of Chrome, Soundmondo works indifferently on Mac, PC and Android devices.

The Yamaha Reface Mobile Mini Keyboards are the first instruments to work with Soundmondo. Featuring four models, each with a unique tone generator and control panel, reface empowers users with an easy way to store, recall, organize and share their sounds.

Saving sounds on Soundmondo is easy: once the user connects his instrument and sets up an account, all he has to do is hit “CREATE” and give the sound a name, description and tags. It is also possible to add a YouTube video and SoundCloud audio to really show off the sound.

BROWSE shows all available sounds (currently over 1,200), and the user can refine their search using tags. Once the user finds a sound he likes, he simply clicks on it and hits SYNC. This will send the sound to other connected Reface users and show them how to move the controls to recreate the sound.

Reface DX users benefit from an additional feature: a full editor showing all parameters with full navigation and editing using a computer keyboard.

Introduced last summer, the Yamaha Reface Mobile Mini Keyboards feature built-in speakers and battery power along with interactive controls.

More details are available from www.soundmondo.com.

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