Yamaha DS2416 (DSP FACTORY) + AX44 (4 IN/OUT)
Yamaha DS2416 (DSP FACTORY) + AX44 (4 IN/OUT)

DS2416 (DSP FACTORY) + AX44 (4 IN/OUT), PCI/ISA + Rack Soundcard from Yamaha.

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jfhome 08/19/2004

Yamaha DS2416 (DSP FACTORY) + AX44 (4 IN/OUT) : jfhome's user review


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The Incredible DS24/16! First of all, can not imagine using VST plugins, even if there is an ASIO driver that works on XP, latency ... .. is just too important. Enormously as the latency audio processing. In short .. that "latte" good.
This card is the motherboard of the Yamaha 02R, table well known for its efficiency, basically you have in cubase, table 24 tracks digital with all the trimmings of yamaha included hardware, multi-effects, compression, equalization (having said good) etc etc .... all for an affordable taken (the same card, I paid € 150 and it is enough). The quality of treatment is beyond reproach really very very good. The problem .. yes, there is a BUT .... use is tedious, I do not totally stupid, but there .... I am really asking questions! frankly, more complicated, I'm not sure that it exists. it's a real nightmare, because you have to assign the tracks to be, the bus ds, either directly on the DS, in short, if you party with over 12 stereo audio tracks, after it gets hot hot hot (I do). So utlise gallery, after a year of use, I gave up and took a mia audio. The concept of the card (hardware of a real table while the interface in Cubase) is genial, and, moreover, that this is the only of its kind, the real problem, there is no follow-up yamaha, more drivers truly effective, using the software C-MEXX is the image of the map ... a real mess complicated, and in addition, the ends plugsins VST. To my taste, it's a real headache and all this is a pity for such a good map.


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