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Yamaha MIDI Keyboard Controllers user reviews

  • Yamaha CBX-K3

    Yamaha CBX-K3 - nopeeps's review


    I am waiting for this to arrive and you know Im just pretty stupid about this stuff... But I have looked everywhere like on the Roland official site and it says nothing about this controller being a tone modual... Mr. peeps are you sure about maki…

  • Yamaha KX49

    Yamaha KX49 - moosers's review


    The Yamaha KX49 is a MIDI controller designed for use with your DAW. It has 49 keys, although they do make versions of this keyboard that have more keys and the same make up if you're looking for more keys to work with. The KX49 has a MIDI input an…

  • Yamaha CBX-K3

    Yamaha CBX-K3 - peepsaudio's review


    I bought this a while ago because I wanted a MIDI controller that I could use for my shows and also in my studio setup at home. I now have others but this baby was one of my first controllers. It works great as just a general MIDI controller or whe…

Translated user reviews
  • Yamaha KX25

    Yamaha KX25 - " good master keyboard"


    number of major arpeggios. small keyboard = small footprint. UTILIZATION not need the manual because you plug the USB is hop! in the bag. OVERALL OPINION I no longer use it to this day because my 2X became my master keyboard. But I recommen…

  • Yamaha CBX-K3

    Yamaha CBX-K3 - " True if keyboard have opportunity"


    4 octaves, metal base, plastic front "solid" Cursory checks, bank choice (4) choice of midi channel (16), choice of instruments (32x4) higher or lower octave transposition, start stop control continues control tempo, volume, pan and Expressio…

  • Yamaha KX49

    Yamaha KX49 - " To start"


    Keyboard synth hit Afternoon and usb -Arpeggiator (in fact these are the reasons) -4 Buttons effectables midi -Buttons control DAW and VST Velocity-control keyboard, and the possibility of fixed velocity -Octave shift -Powered by USB or…

  • Yamaha KX49

    Yamaha KX49 - " Super Q / P but disparities ..."


    For spec, see the Yamaha website ... What motivated my choice for this model is that it is a small lightweight master keyboard with built-in arpeggiator. It is MIDI and USB connectivity is suddenly simple. It's enough to connect a sustain pedal. …

  • Yamaha KX88

    Yamaha KX88 - " Indestructible but technologically Exceeds"


    I bought my ds KX88 its output (in 1985 I think) to have a true piano touch and 88 notes with my DX7. He does comes with two pedals (CONTRL continuous volume, and switch control to sustain), they are essential. I bought a Yamaha Breath Controller, …

  • Yamaha KX88

    Yamaha KX88 - " a reference"


    Very solid, no mechanical hammers. UTILIZATION The touch keyboard is perfect much better than the imitation Hammer low end. The manual is unclear, the parameter editing midi is something difficult, I use it with default settings. OVERALL OPIN…

  • Yamaha KX8

    Yamaha KX8 - " I recommend it."


    The heavy touch of the buttons have motivated my choice. I was looking for a midi controller that I would give the 88 notes, and that would be inspiring to play on it. I found my toy, that 's clear! Very simple technical score. UTILIZATION Yes th…