Fred160656 08/11/2008

Yamaha KX8 : Fred160656's user review


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All specifications of this product are for offers on the site of here
The difference between the KX8 and other models in the range is mainly due to 88-key GHS Keyboard (Initial Touch) is the entry level version of Yamaha keyboards.
I only regret this lack of a keyboard connector for a 2nd foot pedal (volume for example) and several MIDI outputs (as was the case on the KX88) to better use the keyboard "live".


Touch is quite correct to use that I did (not piano) the keyboard equipped with the GS3 is of much better quality but a much higher price, but the touch is very correct.
The general configuration is quite simple, a slightly larger screen would have the advantage of limiting the number of menu and sub ​​menu.
MIDI channel selection is pretty easy, much easier than using Cubase 4 AI that comes with the KX8 and good interactivity between Hard and Soft (it would have been wise to give some guidance to buyers évnetuels for compatibility with earlier versions of Cubase (SX3 for example).
The manual is downloadable here
Drivers and other utilities are downloaded here


I have this keyboard for the past 2 weeks
I had a keyboard CME UF8 before buying the KX8 for HOnet I preferred the feel of the CME by CME against the drivers of UF8 are not updated for a while and compatibility with Vista 64bit or more generally seems up being the order of the day at CME which is a shame. I think there is little risk with Yamaha as the reliability and monitoring of products quality is good.
The value for money without me right parrait Yamaha could have provided the sustain pedal for the same price (this one must add 25 euros for this pedal).
I have already had a lot of material Yamaha (DX7, TG500, WX7, WX5) and I always appreciated the reliability of these products.
+ Plug and Play
Drivers + stable
+ MIDI implementation
+ Steering Sequencers (Cubase but .... and SONAR VST and VSTi some programs
+ Trèscorrect touch for the price
+ Quality Yamaha

- No sustain pedal
- No 2nd pedal input for another