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Average Score:4.4( 4.4/5 based on 6 reviews )
 2 reviews33 %
 3 reviews50 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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thejammer's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" I recommend it."

Yamaha KX8
The heavy touch of the buttons have motivated my choice. I was looking for a midi controller that I would give the 88 notes, and that would be inspiring to play on it. I found my toy, that 's clear! Very simple technical score.


Yes the feel of the keyboard is really good, suits me perfectly. I make trance, and the writing of the melody KX8 is great!

My only drawback is its integration with Logic. This plant roundtrip in if you assign shortcuts to keys KX8. What is disappointing, but if we forget that, the rest works well. The 4 knobs work well, and arpeggiator are great!

I am a nocturn team to accompany him, and that's the joy!


I use it for 1 year. I had MIDI with five buttons and controllers is definitely my favorite! The value for money is incredible, because it is still a heavy 88-keys. I would do this choice, but I think it must be coupled to another midi controller for better use. We bought for these keys and the inspiration it provides, not for the buttons on top (if using logic of course).

Ju135's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A keyboard studio pleasant to the touch? That's what I was looking for!"

Yamaha KX8
This is the KX8, KX88 successor who really liked at the time ... ^ ^
I hit a lot of keyboards, without regard to sound, well I really hung KX8!
I needed a 88-key keyboard nice and affordable!
I found this one and I discovered the joys of the studio work on Cubase AI-4 (Cubase light, but already very interesting!), Supplied with.

USB and MIDI connectivity obviously IN & OUT.
We have the sustain pedal jack basic ... (careful, it's not the must-Must-pedal from Yamaha: he took out something that completely amazed me: the sustain pedal "progessive" as on real acoustic piano! Here is a Pedal "all or nothing" or "On or Off")
Possibility of power supply via USB or AC power.


As I said above, the touch is nickel.
The manual is informative and useful, especially when we are faced with a master keyboard! ^ ^
We must understand the philosophy Yamaha and its menus, and go ...
The selection of MIDI channels is easy and quickly accessible.
KX8 the panel is very clear!


I use it for over a year.
This is my first keyboard-really-to me, and before I had to have a Clavinova CVP-92 (furniture) that lent me (very old piano!).

Good value: I had bought in around 500, when it came out, and when you buy this machine, it is for his touch: I'm satisfied!

I recommend it to anyone looking for a master keyboard, ie those who already have a keyboard (with integrated sound) that is not 88 keys, in order to remedy this, and want to work in the studio having fun ^ ^

Please note, I recommend as "first keyboard" (mistake I made) because for rehearsals and concerts IS HELL & galley! half an hour to settle, ie leave the laptop, the external sound card (FAST TRACK PRO M-Audio), keyboard KX8, and everything connected, and launch the software sounds, and try where do find interference, etc. ... xD

Anyway, if you are looking for exactly a master keyboard is that you know the thing you want: A NICE TOUCH! = D

The quality seems very good price!

Kimbooking's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha KX8
Weight for a heavy touch: less than 20 kg (that is rare enough to be ON LINE!) -> 15 kg

heavy touch (as a former user is not touching the yamaha crazy, but for the price, c qd mm top well. made the joke with a good sound: using Pianoteq j + truepiano simultaneously rpart ds space (balance + treatment phsing to grate the stro) + + ableton some minor treatments over)

MIDI: 1 out and 1 in

Sustain a connection (Yamaha Band stingy!)

1 USB for power and control CONTRL Cubase.

Is there a arpegiatteur Intgr ... basic but fun


Reaching for the top prize, not perfect (otherwise you need to type in Rolands .... 30 kg with a lot of zros in the price!)

Yet as hard on this trs (23 years of piano, conservatory, classical, jazz, rock jou .... I just prs on everything that has the keys, is wood and mtal, qd c no carbon or ivory), well I was going ... frankly can play the keyboard and vari prcis and acdj standard .... and something pretty cool: you can change the pRSET VLOC of the hardware of a finger ... School yamaha!

Well as said above, if you want a touch of crazy ... is a real piano, a Roland RD RG JEnter or not ... so what

Jviens to have it, a good plugs and plays. Prvoir of drivers, mac mm. But at first point ngatif:'m forced to plug the usb + MIDI (so I took a USB 2) for a walk ... like the usb for power supply and MIDI for the CONTRL keyboard ... weird ... What would be so if the usb CONTRL nest for Cubase?

May be that there is another manipulation to ... follow.

Not yet read the manual ... which might explain something ;-)!

Another top: it is large ... while for transport, it is true that super annoying c ... but then it ask for his computer (laptop prcise I) and an MPD18 in order to have everything on hand .... live or stud ... well c just too convenient!

Then, solid matter ... ben the bottom of the wood is good compost .. but it is heavy ... but at least C + or - solid!

solid buttons and tapes PM: Yam jfais confidence ... exprience of these are the keyboards that take decades without flinching mm with a set heavy ... Just disassemble any time (1 every 5 years .. less) to maintain it: dpoussirer, see if he could nya no dchets of preventing the signal to pass (c VCU ...)

the buttons are enjoyable, mm if the whole is not top design (sober yamaha)

the trunk which includes all plastic is a little scary ... ct robustness but allows the mess to be transportable. Caution .. do not expect qd mm not take a hand like 88 or TMK my Keystation 88 es ... hand it is far, far away from the trs 27 kg from my old S80 or 30 kg of Rolands.

Otherwise bah c's all good.

less than 500 euros, while the touch is heavy and good prcis (c mm on the p85 parat it for the curious), some features (users of Steinberg ... c to you) and all that it is as basic Controller (4 assignable potentios pitchbd + wheel +) + weight below 5 (and jsuis nice!) 15 kg over all other keyboards heavy touch ...

Assurment the KX8 will be a hit, both in the homestudiste than in concert!


How long: 5:00

Have you tried bcp of other models: a yes!

Do again what you choose: YES! Finally, for now

Particularity: the mix: Price, touch heavy weight (my poor back), ergonomics (c qd mm top of any possible have on hand on the keyboard!)

Report qualitprix: Fatar VMK can be the 188 most? want! the ones I could not even try! Yeah but they are too heavy transport ....

Kermit_musical's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha KX8
I was looking for a master keyboard, within a reasonable budget to get started (piano lessons and computer music)


- The touch without being a pianist I find it far from pleasant touch "synths" for my piano lessons should be fine.

- The implementation is simple, just put the CD-ROM to install the supplied drivers and Cubase (light version AI4)

- The manual in several languages ​​is well detailed


- I use it only for 3 weeks, that's good. ;)

- At the beginning I set a limit for the purchase of a € 400 master keyboard, I was aiming to touch a Fatar (300 in hand) but several friends have oriented / / to the keyboard . I am really happy today.

- The final price (for one who has a computer) is relatively high, and very good keyboard is a portable 88-key but impressive;)

Thank you Yamaha

ramondeltores's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha KX8
I was looking for a versatile keyboard matre 88 notes as Pianist and 88 notes are not too many!!
For connectivity, a USB MIDI and two MIDI standard. Between a Jack to sustain pedals (not included). Possibility to connect although the sector for the KX alliment USB2.


The touch is not that great for everyday use computer music should be done all what I expected. Cot configuration, I know a little of the principle in case of Yamaha. But this is not rocket science and the manual is fairly complete. For the connection via PC or Mac, it's easy as insrer the installation CD and follow the guide. It CONTRL any type of recording software like Cubase, Sonar or Logic Pro.


I use it for a week now and I am satisfied with TRS. Its surface and trs complte for 88 notes. Pitch, modulation, four potentiomtres paramtrables into two groups, a control panel SPECIFICATIONS Cubase (really convenient), and with one week of experience, really easy to use. I used a Roland FP2 (great touch but I got almost no CONTRL possible) and a ROLAND JUNO D (him a Controller can be used but super boring and four octaves). The report price is undeniably remarkable quality compared to other products I tried before I started. You can go there with closed eyes.

Fred160656's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha KX8
All specifications of this product are for offers on the site of here
The difference between the KX8 and other models in the range is mainly due to 88-key GHS Keyboard (Initial Touch) is the entry level version of Yamaha keyboards.
I only regret this lack of a keyboard connector for a 2nd foot pedal (volume for example) and several MIDI outputs (as was the case on the KX88) to better use the keyboard "live".


Touch is quite correct to use that I did (not piano) the keyboard equipped with the GS3 is of much better quality but a much higher price, but the touch is very correct.
The general configuration is quite simple, a slightly larger screen would have the advantage of limiting the number of menu and sub ​​menu.
MIDI channel selection is pretty easy, much easier than using Cubase 4 AI that comes with the KX8 and good interactivity between Hard and Soft (it would have been wise to give some guidance to buyers évnetuels for compatibility with earlier versions of Cubase (SX3 for example).
The manual is downloadable here
Drivers and other utilities are downloaded here


I have this keyboard for the past 2 weeks
I had a keyboard CME UF8 before buying the KX8 for HOnet I preferred the feel of the CME by CME against the drivers of UF8 are not updated for a while and compatibility with Vista 64bit or more generally seems up being the order of the day at CME which is a shame. I think there is little risk with Yamaha as the reliability and monitoring of products quality is good.
The value for money without me right parrait Yamaha could have provided the sustain pedal for the same price (this one must add 25 euros for this pedal).
I have already had a lot of material Yamaha (DX7, TG500, WX7, WX5) and I always appreciated the reliability of these products.
+ Plug and Play
Drivers + stable
+ MIDI implementation
+ Steering Sequencers (Cubase but .... and SONAR VST and VSTi some programs
+ Trèscorrect touch for the price
+ Quality Yamaha

- No sustain pedal
- No 2nd pedal input for another