thejammer 06/07/2010

Yamaha KX8 : thejammer's user review

«  I recommend it. »

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The heavy touch of the buttons have motivated my choice. I was looking for a midi controller that I would give the 88 notes, and that would be inspiring to play on it. I found my toy, that 's clear! Very simple technical score.


Yes the feel of the keyboard is really good, suits me perfectly. I make trance, and the writing of the melody KX8 is great!

My only drawback is its integration with Logic. This plant roundtrip in if you assign shortcuts to keys KX8. What is disappointing, but if we forget that, the rest works well. The 4 knobs work well, and arpeggiator are great!

I am a nocturn team to accompany him, and that's the joy!


I use it for 1 year. I had MIDI with five buttons and controllers is definitely my favorite! The value for money is incredible, because it is still a heavy 88-keys. I would do this choice, but I think it must be coupled to another midi controller for better use. We bought for these keys and the inspiration it provides, not for the buttons on top (if using logic of course).