Ju135 05/14/2010

Yamaha KX8 : Ju135's user review

«  A keyboard studio pleasant to the touch? That's what I was looking for! »

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Value For Money : Excellent
This is the KX8, KX88 successor who really liked at the time ... ^ ^
I hit a lot of keyboards, without regard to sound, well I really hung KX8!
I needed a 88-key keyboard nice and affordable!
I found this one and I discovered the joys of the studio work on Cubase AI-4 (Cubase light, but already very interesting!), Supplied with.

USB and MIDI connectivity obviously IN & OUT.
We have the sustain pedal jack basic ... (careful, it's not the must-Must-pedal from Yamaha: he took out something that completely amazed me: the sustain pedal "progessive" as on real acoustic piano! Here is a Pedal "all or nothing" or "On or Off")
Possibility of power supply via USB or AC power.


As I said above, the touch is nickel.
The manual is informative and useful, especially when we are faced with a master keyboard! ^ ^
We must understand the philosophy Yamaha and its menus, and go ...
The selection of MIDI channels is easy and quickly accessible.
KX8 the panel is very clear!


I use it for over a year.
This is my first keyboard-really-to me, and before I had to have a Clavinova CVP-92 (furniture) that lent me (very old piano!).

Good value: I had bought in around 500, when it came out, and when you buy this machine, it is for his touch: I'm satisfied!

I recommend it to anyone looking for a master keyboard, ie those who already have a keyboard (with integrated sound) that is not 88 keys, in order to remedy this, and want to work in the studio having fun ^ ^

Please note, I recommend as "first keyboard" (mistake I made) because for rehearsals and concerts IS HELL & galley! half an hour to settle, ie leave the laptop, the external sound card (FAST TRACK PRO M-Audio), keyboard KX8, and everything connected, and launch the software sounds, and try where do find interference, etc. ... xD

Anyway, if you are looking for exactly a master keyboard is that you know the thing you want: A NICE TOUCH! = D

The quality seems very good price!