Fryette Amplification Fat Bottom 4x12
Fryette Amplification Fat Bottom 4x12

Fat Bottom 4x12, 4x12 Guitar Cabinet from Fryette Amplification.

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All user reviews for the Fryette Amplification Fat Bottom 4x12

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James...'s review"The tightest 4x12 you will find"

Fryette Amplification Fat Bottom 4x12
I've owned one of these for about 4 years now. Originally when I bought it, I was in a heavy metal band. Or progressive heavy metal more specifically. There were 3 guitarists in the band and we were all really serious about our tone. We wanted a cab that had a balanced sound, with a strong tight bass that would never get muddy. Some of us were using 7 strings and we had isssues with cabs sounding boomy or undefined through our amps. I was playing an Uberschall. The other two guys had ENGL amps. We originally tried Orange (too boomy and loose in the bass), Bogner (too woody and organic for us), Ear Candy (overrated all around), Mesa (just muddy)... But I digress. We experimented with a lot of different speakers. Typically we found Vintage 30's were the best but the cabs we were using never gave us the response we wanted.

I went looking for alternatives and found VHT (now Fryette). I had heard they had an extremely tight response. Was skeptical. They were fairly expensive then and I believe they still are. But at this time VHT wasn't a super well known company. I finally picked up a used one and tried it. The tone was amazing. Very tight, balanced tone. My rhythm chugging never felt loose at all. Instead the palm mutes were tight and defined. Solos were focused. Everything was as needed. By the way, the stock Fryette speakers in these are great. I don't know what they're based on but coupled with this cabinet they're wonderful. I know some people put in V30's but I've never had a desire to.

Structurally it's an interesting design and I think it explains the tight response well. Speakers are front loaded and the cab is much deeper than most. The wood is thick like it should be. At this price point you are getting a very well made cab, not MDF garbage. Yes it's expensive, but if you require the tight defined tone that they give, it's worth it. As far as I know these are really only used in the metal genre and that makes sense to me. Personally I think they are great for metal unless you want loose response then look elsewhere.

drkorey's review"A Quality 4x12 Cabinet"

Fryette Amplification Fat Bottom 4x12
This is a very solidly made high quality 4x12 guitar speaker cab. The cabinet features: semi-traditional style angled 4X12 cabinet, featuring Mono-Stereo input capability and selectable 4 or 16 ohm impedance in mono mode and 8 ohm/channel in stereo mode. Plug in casters were included.
I bought it as a used return from an online dealer at a discounted price. I bought it without hearing it based on VHT's solid reputation and all of the great reviews I had read about it. I figured for a $250 discount and being priced at $750 I couldn't go wrong.
Over time, something about this cab just didn't gel with me. It could have been the P50 speakers or the fact that it was front loaded or both. As my playing and ear progressed over the years the sound of this cab just didn't work for me so I sold it. It seemed overly bright and high gain sounds didn't break up the way I wanted them to coming out of this cab. As stated, the speakers are front mounted, which is a bit different than most cabinets these days. This makes the amp "tighter" to some people and may make the frequencies more even to some ears.
I recommend trying before you buy. But, if new, the sound will change and most likely get better as the speakers break in.
I wish this cab would have worked for me. It could handle any volume without flubbing and farting out and it was very solid. At that point in time, I didn't have the patience or knowledge to swap speakers and I probably wouldn't have taken the time to do it anyway.
During this time, I also owned Avatar and Splawn 4x12's. The Splawn was purchased after the VHT and that is the cab I kept in the end.
Knowing what I know now I would not have purchased this speaker cabinet.
Da Mool07/04/2014

Da Mool's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Modern, Accurate, Reliable"

Fryette Amplification Fat Bottom 4x12
Used 8 months
I had a Harley Benton 2x12 V30 I have a mesa 2x12 V30 and a Marshall 1960A G12T75.
8ohm 16ohm mono stereo, robust, I will repeat "exudes quality" since it's really the impression conveyed. Tollex décapsulable easily (velcro) but personally I do not care
4 Eminence P-50, some people talk about "alternative to V30."
Used with single-sided, 5150 Mk1, Marshall JVM410H.
It interested me for ages for 5150 in particular.
Well we do not chipotte, one branch ... and this is true is extremely accurate. Incredible, it drooled not a pet that gives this cab to modern metal / hardcore and the like, rhythmic notes eg nickel leave really is very impressive. Attention this precision distortion may possibly interfere with other styles in my opinion-of course-
What comes out of this cab is really medium compared to what I know, it's really surprising, but what I wanted, so perfect modern metal again.

Acute not curl ears, severe present but make no mistake, despite its name "fat bottom" there is no excess bass, which is very good group not cover the poor bassist that is the job. ON can easily load low on équalo head without worry of being over ze top. The cab for this reason I think is really ideal for a 7-string comes out medium well, well defined.
The sound of your guitar is really like "canned" as if they had put a compression without that there is one. Warning dynamics is there it breathes well I hear.
THE sound signature of this cab is very characteristic, it has a big temper and a strong personality. You will always find this character "super medium" on any head. Note that I have never tested a VHT head on, damage to get a "real" idea.

Short live, public before the cab is a killer I summarize defined, accurate medium.

For my part, or there is this always spoils in my care and please with the level of mine ie "connoisseur" - it is recording ... let me explain; I tried a sm57 a little on all the bowls, a bit in all positions. My conclusion is that it is much easier to microphoner a V30. I do not feel this huge difference when I move the microphone 3cm. Super medium character is there no doubts!
But there is a but: for me the P50 in this cab sound "small", I do not know how to say otherwise, yes, "small", "narrow". A V30 sounds great side but not as medium. I found a certain hardness serious recording, that V30 does not have ... yet serious pinaise are not "hard" when it is before, not at all.
Well I tried 2 57 of a bowl (Fredmann style I started to master a V30), well not terrible, not always sweet little like a V30.
57 + MD421: not-always terrible for me -
with ribbon Fathead II: Hmm .. why not but I have not pursued.
with a static re-hum (Shure KSM27)
Short recording in context distortion / metal bin I stayed on my hunger .... I would say disappointed. IN doubling tracks skyscraper recording this hardness in serious Geene me, 1P50 / 1V30 ben P50 always bothered me.

In short, finding, according to my personal opinion, this cab is great for live, to play for if you want something specific in distortion. But for the record my level and my hardware did not allowed me to use as I would have liked, even though I spent a lot of time.
I attribute it still a good score 8
I prefer V30!

felow42's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" To get to shake the cage toracique ..."

Fryette Amplification Fat Bottom 4x12
I use it for 3 months now. Both live and in the studio.

I had a V60 ENGL 412 before, mix with V30. Good but not great ...

The particularity of the baffle is frankly he breathes quality. It is square, beautiful, sober and not flinch a fart! The wheels are removable largely support more weight at least 100kg (ideal for toy rolling on the stage with!). The variety of connectors offer wide selections. The bass and treble are incredible sweet home. Before you can play without getting tense ears (unlike the V30 or others).

The only fault I blame him may be a slight lack of material to drill in the middle of a mix when I played live (perhaps another gratteu was set too boring too ...). Otherwise it is a 412 with these disadvantages but the deep bass forgive quickly. The bassist is the mouth.

Check out the video I posted in the Media section comparing the sound of the speakers Eminence P50E (included in the cabinet) against the V30. The sound is not comparable.

I just bought the V30. I see how they behave in this box. I will update my opinion

Regarding the report / quality made in nine, I do not find it great, I would never have had the sub for me to buy it. But the price at which I bought up the opportunity in price / quality ratio very good position. I am extremely pleased

drapeau_rouge's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fryette Amplification Fat Bottom 4x12

VHT 4x12 cabinet 'Cutaway
200 Watts Mono 8 Ohms
Opportunity to put in Stereo (2 entries into 16 Ohms) to connect two heads on the same baffle.
4 Eminence P50E speakers made exclusively for VHT.
2 handles on each side for easier transport and four removable casters.

The cabinet is completely enclosed, which gives a big sound full of bass.
Grid throne where the logo can be removed VHT so that we can access the Speakers mounted in the front (yes to the baffle is closed! You follow nothing eh!)

For dimensions, it is about the same as other firms 4x12 I think. What is a 4x12, big, heavy and cumbersome. It must weigh close to 50 kgs, I have not weighed.

Sounds rich in low frequencies and sub perfect for metal. Rich, but just right, ca not puke when you put a low neutral EQ.

Material very professional: the sound that you'll get depends a lot on what you are going to connect it. All frequencies at the base are present but not invasive. The sound is not too heavy, loaded in the lower register (had to the size of the box, and the fact it is closed) and acute but not too much. The basic sound is a little widened at the mediums I have found, making it obvious choice for the metallurgy and the big sound. I found the clean sounds disgusting not all the same rights with great presence and a small side "modern", but like it depends what you plug it in and your amp settings. The more one goes towards saturation and the sound is good!

I plug in a tube combo that shows me that the HP integrated was limited anyway, but beyond that, a 1x12 switch in a small box with an HP using a 4x12 with good HP is as a huge difference! The same sound power of 10!

EDIT: I plug in a head VHT CLX. The sound is perfect, the perfect match 2 (normal, I had no doubt). The sound is precise precise precise, it is excellent!

Warning: Connect the gear high-range in, like him, the jack on the guitar through the microphone and amplifier: if the sound will be much worse as each fault in the sound will be transcribed to HP: no approximations possible!

The cabinet exudes solidity and seriousness. The connectors inside are clean, the assembly is nickel, solders top level, the large handles on the side are impeccable '... In short, nothing wrong, it's good quality!

jeremy94's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fryette Amplification Fat Bottom 4x12
- How long have you use it?

1 year
- What is the particular feature you like best and least?

most: the sound !!!!!!!!!!! the superb quality of manufacture

least, nothing just a little heavy
- Have you tried many other models before acqurir?

Yes Marshall, Engl, Diezel, Bogner, NOS

- How do you report qualitprix?

medium but is absolutely worth it because the sound ouahhhhhh!!
- With the exprience, you do again this choice? ...

yesssss;) I take even a 2nd

joznmb's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fryette Amplification Fat Bottom 4x12
I have had several opportunities to try this stuff with diffrent baffle, and unfortunately I t's very relative to echoes of "cabinet of Death" lurking here and there. ..... the sound is dull, dull, and a little soft compared to a NOS and a MESA he really pale in the end .... even lying on a cot 1960A was doing almost better , moreover the former Owner 'has sold a few days of purchase APRS ....
As a result, the ratio quality price take a Svere, for the same price There's much better!
The only good thing was the construction srieuse, but for the price it's normal!
Last thing: many people (including vendors) seems to say that he is "real wood tree "..... massive bin is just as true contrplaqu all other ....
In my opinion a must go with a VHT head, otherwise replace HP .....