Mesa Boogie Road King 4x12 Slant
Mesa Boogie Road King 4x12 Slant

Road King 4x12 Slant, 4x12 Guitar Cabinet from Mesa Boogie in the Road King series.

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All user reviews for the Mesa Boogie Road King 4x12 Slant

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Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 6 reviews )
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Jim Ladine03/04/2013

Jim Ladine's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" One of the best cab in the world"

Mesa Boogie Road King 4x12 Slant
Slant 4x12 cabinet
Semi-open back
Open left side: 2 x 180 Watts Celestion C90
Right side closed: 2 x 120 Watts Celestion V30
300 Watts combined left and right
Wired for use Mono (2 entries 4Ohms) or Stereo (1 entry 8Ohms)
Sold with wheels unclipped.
Dimensions: 83.50cm x 76.52cm x 36.2cm
Weight: 49.44 kg

Apart from a considerable weight, this speaker is the 4X4 scene!
Thanks to 2 types of speakers in the amp, you can choose to use only the V30, C90 only or 4 at the same time.
Personally, I use 4 because the V30 provides the power, aggression and attack well-known speakers and some Marshall Mesa, but try to give her a little stiff and cold easily corrected C90, much hotter with more low mids than V30.

charlypotter's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The heavy"

Mesa Boogie Road King 4x12 Slant
For how long have you been using it?
I bought it in January 2009 and have tested it on a single correct mesa, a Marshall TSL and more recently with a Rocktron prophesy2 coupled to a power amp Marshall Valvestate VS 250. The least we can say is that in addition to nickel in acute and meduim, I was amazed by the bass. It sent the heavy and even more ...

Other models before?
Yes, the marshall 1922, 1960 (different versions) and others. Nothing to do with the mesa RK

What I like most; bass. In palm muting is sending sounds crazy!
The least: His weight thief that needs to be two to any manipulation and a good safe for transport. However, when one turns the system, we do not regret having a backing-less!

I would do this choice: Yes, without hesitation. It's expensive, but it can hardly do better

Value for money: bah you must know what we want. It's expensive, but it's top quality, so ...

jmabate's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Mesa Boogie Road King 4x12 Slant
Baffle 4 HP 12 "
open = cot 2 8 ohm celestion C90 to 180 Watts
= 2 cot closed celestion V30 8 ohm to 120 Watts
300 Watts (L & R combined)
Mono 4 ohm / 8 ohm Stereo



I have a few months,

I jou on the Marshall (as all the world), Peavey, B 52, Laboga, Laney and others,

I think the Mesa is RK suprieur all levels (sound, manufacturing, cabling etc), I love his versatility and his pan opened the rear. Fidler retransmits the game and the nature of the sound of pramps and amps, great speaker.

but it is expensive when one may even for this type of product,

If I could turn my beginners dessuite I'll buy (I would have to avoid buying more things before then to lose money) but the price is one can be afraid!
Jimmy Chaos02/25/2009

Jimmy Chaos's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Mesa Boogie Road King 4x12 Slant
I use these speakers for about a month.
it should be noted that they have a big particularity is essential even when:
- There are 4 HP 16ohms
- You can plug into 8ohms on both HP left (input A) or right (input B) and then on 4ohms 4 HP (input A + B)
- The HP has left her a "Vintage" while those on the right sound "Modern" (or vice versa, I do not know, but it's even big interest).
- They really t Designed for the Road King 120W head, this amp possde a switch that allows you to pass the baffles baffles A B or A + B.
It is a heavy investment, but that's all, if you want the good stuff trs must empty his bank account: s

It is also essential if you want to use the head Fully road king, it will be a shame to break such a beautiful string of stuff. ^ ^
Anyway believe me when I show these speakers and I made the costs, I am the pte and I am fire!
Its use is especially during the concert (in the BPS there home mesa 2x12).

gabe's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Mesa Boogie Road King 4x12 Slant
-How long have you use it?
I bought this cabinet there are about 6 months (RPET and concerts)

- What is the particular feature you like best and least?
what I like is the sound it gives my head amp (JCM900), a big rock sound, be careful not metal as some may think, a big rock sound very well Dfine.
a more open and real Submitted bass and treble that you saw no ears, and mediums who play their RLES.
It is true that there is a inconveniant ... The weight ... size ...

- Have you tried many other models before acqurir?
Before I had a Marshall 1960a (very good speaker) but I found its not my ass Dfine taste and a little search, the sounds were lost (for the sound I DSIR, for hard, punk, blues and funk are the top c)
Acqurir before I tried different models from several brands including Marshall and a Mesa home.
But the problem is to find stores with stock cabinets.

- How do you report qualitprix?
The price remains same when an investment.
I bought 1190 euros new and in-store (no bargain / 3 year warranty)
there are still shops with reasonable prices!

In the beginners I wanted to change the head, because I thought the bad sound came from it (after all I've read or heard about jcm 900) but my bank has given due my bank account, so as I had from 1200 to economy, and that that price I could not find the head of the amp that suited me, I pulled the baffles (of good quality s!)
After some trial and dsillusions later, I plugged my head on the jcm 900 4x12 Road King, and my surprise, I finally found the sound I was looking for for years, a big sound Dfine rock well.
So quality award is a big investment, but ultimately I end up with a scratch amp (head + cabinet) that comes back to me about 1700 euros.
FYI I play sound with a Fender Jazzmaster and Telecaster and a Gibson Les Paul Standard.

- With the exprience, you do again this choice? ...
I will do it again Siter choice without a second,
as is often thought, that the sound comes from his head amp,
but when the baffle essait quality was nice surprises.

After all this is my opinion
and above all a choice of,
because this formula marshall / mesa will not agree all the musicians and all styles.
So, make your own opinion, before you buy.

Megajp's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Mesa Boogie Road King 4x12 Slant
I use it for three years. This speaker is huge and very heavy (in all senses). I have finally m buying two small Marschall HP for small rooms.
Rapprt The money is not measured here, that is the perfect complement to the Road King head. It is expensive but that is the great speaker. The grave's beautiful, the saturated are not aggressive, the speaker takes 120watts of the head without flinching.
Outdoors that is nickel, it means well, as colleagues!
What happiness