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4x12 Guitar Cabinets user reviews

  • Behringer Ultrastack BG412V

    Behringer Ultrastack BG412V - "Excellent speaker for the money"


    I bought this ultra heavy speaker box in 2007 for around AU $450 because I had heard good things about them. I've used it on a Vox valvestate as an extension speaker and then a Bugera 333 Infinium head. I also own two original Rola Celestion greenbac…

  • Peavey MS 412 Slant

    Peavey MS 412 Slant - "Amazingly well built cab for an amazingly low price."


    Peavey has always had a reputation for building gear that could practically withstand an atomic bomb blast. The first offered opinion of Peavey by most experienced users is "It's built like a tank!". The 300-watt, 412MS Mono-Stereo guitar cabinet …

  • EVH 5150 III 4x12 Straight Cabinet

    EVH 5150 III 4x12 Straight Cabinet - "EVH III Speaker Cabinet, Best sounding cab ever! "


    When I evaluate a speaker cabinet, I usually look for several basics. Is it well made is usually the first thing. This was a pleasant surprise from the very beginning. Solid as a rock and made with birch plywood, this thing weighs a ton, 88 poun…

  • Marshall 1960B [1990-Current]

    Marshall 1960B [1990-Current] - "Solid Rock Projections, but overhyped?"


    I acquired this can in the late nineties. I ran this can for about ten years before selling it off (more on that later). My musical stylings were varied over the years: hard rock, metal, pop, punk, rock, atmospheric...but mostly aggressive and loud. …

  • Marshall 1960BV

    Marshall 1960BV - "Very underrated cab"


    Ok, so Marshall 1960A cabs are literally everywhere. You can find them in probably every major city in the world. But, the 1960B cabs are a lot less prevalent for some reason. I actually much prefer the B cabs because of their straight baffle. They t…

  • Soldano 4x12 Standard Straight

    Soldano 4x12 Standard Straight - "Awesome cab and cheap on the used market"


    I purchased this cabinet with my Soldano Atomic 16 head for 1k. Overall, this is a great speaker cabinet. You don't see these pop up too often on the used market. But, when they do they tend to go for relatively low prices. Sizewise, they are a l…

  • Marshall 1960A JCM800 Lead

    Marshall 1960A JCM800 Lead - "Classic cab that can be had for cheap!!!"


    I am almost positive that the Marshal 1960A cabinet is the most prevalent speaker cabinet on the planet. I myself, have owned 6 or 7 of them over the last few years. Sure, they may not be as refined as other cabs out there, but nothing says rock like…

  • Marshall 1960TV

    Marshall 1960TV - "Great cab, but somewhat pricey"


    I have owned a ton of speaker cabinets in my day. I currently own 6 4x12's, 3 of them being Marshall. The 1960TV is a great cabinet. It looks amazing with it's 'blues breaker' like grille cloth and small logo. If you didn't know, the 1960TV's and 196…

  • Orange PPC412C

    Orange PPC412C - "Laser beam awesomeness"


    There are a lot of things I could say about this cabinet. I've owned a few over the years, being an avid 4x12 collector and trader. I'm always searching for the best one I can find. When someone asks me "what is the best 412 you have played" I kin…

  • Marshall MG412A

    Marshall MG412A - "Blehh...."


    The Marshall MG412A is the company's cheapest level cab and is meant to go with their solid state MG100 head, or act as a 4x12 rig for those who can't afford a 4x12 of a higher calibre. It's actually slightly smaller than the conventional 1960 cab wh…