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4x12 Guitar Cabinets user reviews

  • Marshall 1960B [1990-Current]

    Marshall 1960B [1990-Current] - "The standard 4x12"


    The Marshall 1960b cabinet is the straight front 4x12 that they have been making for many years. It's a very common cab to find on stages around the world and it is widely praised for it's fantastic tone with a wide variety of different amps as well …

  • Ibanez Tone Blaster 412A

    Ibanez Tone Blaster 412A - "Not bad for the price"


    The Ibanez Tone Blaster TB412A is a 4x12 speaker cabinet that is designed to go with their budget line of Tone Blaster solid state heads. It's made of plywood as far as I know, and is loaded with Ibanez branded "Power Jam" speakers. These are reputed…

  • Peavey 6505 412 Slant

    Peavey 6505 412 Slant - "Not a great cab"


    The Peavey 6505 cabinet was designed as a cabinet to match the famed 6505 and 6505+ amplifiers in Peavey's line. It's a fairly standard 4x12 that is supposed to be optimally designed for the amps for which it shares its name. However, I'm not sure if…

  • EVH 5150 III 4x12 Straight Cabinet

    EVH 5150 III 4x12 Straight Cabinet - "Excellent sounding versatile 4x12"


    The EVH 5150 III 4x12 is a cabinet that was designed to go with the EVH 5150 III three channel head that is built for Edward by Fender Musical Instruments Corporation. The most notable feature about it is the specially designed and built Celestion EV…

  • Splawn Amplification 412 Straight

    Splawn Amplification 412 Straight - "Boutique sound for a lot less"


    I've tried more 4x12's than I can shake a stick at. For the longest time my favorite cab was a Bogner 412. It was the most balanced and organic cab I found. And I had it for years. Unfortunately they are very expensive. Not a lot of people can a…

  • Fryette Amplification Fat Bottom 4x12

    Fryette Amplification Fat Bottom 4x12 - "The tightest 4x12 you will find"


    I've owned one of these for about 4 years now. Originally when I bought it, I was in a heavy metal band. Or progressive heavy metal more specifically. There were 3 guitarists in the band and we were all really serious about our tone. We wanted a …

  • Marshall 1960A JCM900

    Marshall 1960A JCM900 - "Good for playing metal on a budget"


    I've been around the block a few times with cabs. I've owned and seen all the cheap stuff...peavey, carvin, avatar, marshall. And I've owned and seen the nice stuff and in between...Bogner, Stone Age, Mills, etc... I've learned a lot over the year…

  • Carvin Legacy C412B

    Carvin Legacy C412B - "Tough and mean"


    I bought this cab new sometime around 2003 and it is still with me today. The earlier models were loaded with Celestion green back speakers but mine came equipped with Celestion vintage 30 speakers. It is a front loaded 4x12 configuration built out o…

  • Mesa Boogie Recto 4x12 Standard Slant

    Mesa Boogie Recto 4x12 Standard Slant - "low end"


    I will get the build quality out of the way first. Mesa Boogie builds things to last through the rigors of tour. This cab just feels like a piece of quality craftmanship in every way. It is heavy, the casters are absolutely the best I have ever seen …

  • Orange PPC412-LTD

    Orange PPC412-LTD - "beastly"


    I play a Framus cobra 100 watt tube amp and occasionally use a peavey 5150 or Hughes & Kettner triamp. I mostly play heavier music but also dabble in ambient looping and classic rock tunes. This is an absolute beast of a cab. The standard orange…