Fryette Amplification Fat Bottom 4x12
Fryette Amplification Fat Bottom 4x12

Fat Bottom 4x12, 4x12 Guitar Cabinet from Fryette Amplification.

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Da Mool 07/04/2014

Fryette Amplification Fat Bottom 4x12 : Da Mool's user review

«  Modern, Accurate, Reliable »

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Used 8 months
I had a Harley Benton 2x12 V30 I have a mesa 2x12 V30 and a Marshall 1960A G12T75.
8ohm 16ohm mono stereo, robust, I will repeat "exudes quality" since it's really the impression conveyed. Tollex décapsulable easily (velcro) but personally I do not care
4 Eminence P-50, some people talk about "alternative to V30."
Used with single-sided, 5150 Mk1, Marshall JVM410H.
It interested me for ages for 5150 in particular.
Well we do not chipotte, one branch ... and this is true is extremely accurate. Incredible, it drooled not a pet that gives this cab to modern metal / hardcore and the like, rhythmic notes eg nickel leave really is very impressive. Attention this precision distortion may possibly interfere with other styles in my opinion-of course-
What comes out of this cab is really medium compared to what I know, it's really surprising, but what I wanted, so perfect modern metal again.

Acute not curl ears, severe present but make no mistake, despite its name "fat bottom" there is no excess bass, which is very good group not cover the poor bassist that is the job. ON can easily load low on équalo head without worry of being over ze top. The cab for this reason I think is really ideal for a 7-string comes out medium well, well defined.
The sound of your guitar is really like "canned" as if they had put a compression without that there is one. Warning dynamics is there it breathes well I hear.
THE sound signature of this cab is very characteristic, it has a big temper and a strong personality. You will always find this character "super medium" on any head. Note that I have never tested a VHT head on, damage to get a "real" idea.

Short live, public before the cab is a killer I summarize defined, accurate medium.

For my part, or there is this always spoils in my care and please with the level of mine ie "connoisseur" - it is recording ... let me explain; I tried a sm57 a little on all the bowls, a bit in all positions. My conclusion is that it is much easier to microphoner a V30. I do not feel this huge difference when I move the microphone 3cm. Super medium character is there no doubts!
But there is a but: for me the P50 in this cab sound "small", I do not know how to say otherwise, yes, "small", "narrow". A V30 sounds great side but not as medium. I found a certain hardness serious recording, that V30 does not have ... yet serious pinaise are not "hard" when it is before, not at all.
Well I tried 2 57 of a bowl (Fredmann style I started to master a V30), well not terrible, not always sweet little like a V30.
57 + MD421: not-always terrible for me -
with ribbon Fathead II: Hmm .. why not but I have not pursued.
with a static re-hum (Shure KSM27)
Short recording in context distortion / metal bin I stayed on my hunger .... I would say disappointed. IN doubling tracks skyscraper recording this hardness in serious Geene me, 1P50 / 1V30 ben P50 always bothered me.

In short, finding, according to my personal opinion, this cab is great for live, to play for if you want something specific in distortion. But for the record my level and my hardware did not allowed me to use as I would have liked, even though I spent a lot of time.
I attribute it still a good score 8
I prefer V30!