4x12 Guitar Cabinets
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4x12 Guitar Cabinets user reviews

  • Marshall 8412

    Marshall 8412 - " Away!"


    I no longer possesses the cabinet in recent years but it is easy for me to talk about it as my disappointment was great. I had only owned up when combos and I bought this cabinet with a head hughes and Kettner Warp 7 in the first place, and a peavey …

  • Marshall 1960A 30th Anniversary

    Marshall 1960A 30th Anniversary - " Genial pregnant sublime"


    I used it in concert for several years, pregnant beautiful, strong. I tried quite a model but my head mesa boogie was what I needed The sound is awesome, it is easy to handle with wheels, they are rare and original blue. Yes I do it again th…

  • Peavey Windsor 412 Straight

    Peavey Windsor 412 Straight - " Deal honestly"


    I used 3 years, the first stack 2corps for me it did not disappoint. Whether to add a comment and it would be nice to plug in stereo speaker because it is just mono, a single jack and nothing else. 4 * 12 Sheffield, 16ohm. Good report except tha…

  • Marshall 8412

    Marshall 8412 - " Good start"


    I use it for 8 months .. I play it with the 8100 head Marshall Valvestate 8100 100 Watts .. So I think when doing the blues / pop / rock, it is quite frankly .. I tried playing a little blues and frankly it makes good, you feel the subtleties of…

  • Marshall 1960A JCM900

    Marshall 1960A JCM900 - " rediscovered after modification"


    I've had one years ago, I use this cab to ref for 20 years and 4 in my possession, and then resold, JCM 4100 head with two channels in the year 80/90, for 2 year I have a power amp Marshall 9200 with a multi effects Boss GT PRO, nothing to say, the s…

  • Harley Benton G412A Vintage

    Harley Benton G412A Vintage - " does the job"


    I bought this speaker to tour, saw some moves that would take. it's done correctly taf. it is not safe and the magnitude of a baffle V30 better designed, but it is real wood, comes out a sound typical V30, and in addition supports a lot of different …

  • Harley Benton G412A

    Harley Benton G412A - " A loudspeaker 4x12 "to cheap and not bad at all" has images


    Used for four years, it's solid and made me very good service. This speaker was used in an apartment (there is a volume in the amp) and I never panicked neighbors. A low volume, it gives off a good sound because of its 4 HP which broadcast the sou…

  • Marshall MG412A

    Marshall MG412A - " Good box that compresses well"


    I've had 2-3 years, vintage beige version (cosmetics limited edition). Very very nice, the smallest possible for hp it contains, rather light 24 kg approx. I mainly used my fender bassman up its internal hp (hp of the mg are 8 ohms so it was rewire…

  • Marshall MG412A

    Marshall MG412A - " quality in return!"


    While this is not the 1960A, but his younger brother ... same look, same type of hp, except that instead of cash 120w 200.c is its great advantage, because you can even hook up a combo has 40W lamps, and the sound is processed. (I did it with a Peave…

  • Peavey 6505 412 Slant

    Peavey 6505 412 Slant - " not bad ..."


    I try to shop with his head right to tell you all this is my first amp I is not bought (not tunes) but also because many say that with a cab mesa rendering is better now ... I do not know but in any case I could hear that my satisfaction. Are n…