Behringer Ultrastack BG412V
Behringer Ultrastack BG412V

Ultrastack BG412V, 4x12 Guitar Cabinet from Behringer in the Ultrastack series.

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Zig99 04/23/2018

Behringer Ultrastack BG412V : Zig99's user review

« Excellent speaker for the money »

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Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Anyone
I bought this ultra heavy speaker box in 2007 for around AU $450 because I had heard good things about them. I've used it on a Vox valvestate as an extension speaker and then a Bugera 333 Infinium head. I also own two original Rola Celestion greenbacks from the early 70's. I have also owned Marshall 1960A quads in 12 and 10 inch configurations and a 2 x 12 Marshall box.

Why did I give it 5 stars?

Compared to my original 70's greenbacks, they have a similar frequency response except that the greenbacks have stronger upper mids which are quite nasal. Greenbacks also have very tight low end whereas the Behringer's bass and treble are a bit softer. Now, there's a caveat on this review. My understanding is that the Behringer cab is made of chipboard whereas my greenback enclosure is made of ply and pine. My experience is that chipboard takes away some of the high end and makes the low end less refined (something to do with how the sound reflects inside the cab and absorption of frequencies). I bet if I put the Behringer (i.e. Bugera) speakers in a plywood cab that the sound would improve somewhat.

But the cab sounds pretty good as is. In fact, I like that the speakers take away the harshness of my valve amp. The original greenbacks are great but the nasal upper mid range reminds me too much of Marshall in your face sound. I like even mellow tones that stand out but don't overpower. With some EQ-ing, I can dial the upper mid range back in. Not quite the same as a greenback but in a mix no one can tell the difference.

If you want the standard Marshall chugga-chugga in your face, go for a Marshall quad. If you want death metal, go for an Engl cab. But if you want a pleasant all-round tone that does rock, fusion, crunch, overdrive and clean sounds well, then this is a great cab. Considering the price, you can't lose.

Although I haven't opened up this cab (which is unusual for me), it appears to be well built but it's bloody heavy. Then again, it's been in my studio for 11 years and last time I moved, removalists did the back breaking work for me.

Bugera, which is owned by Behringer, now make quad boxes. They go for around AU $460. The speakers in the Bugera cabs are called 'Turbo Sound'. I have no idea whether they are the same speakers just rebranded. If you come across a Behringer version and you're into jazz, rock and fusion, this is a great cab.