Behringer Ultrastack BG412V
Behringer Ultrastack BG412V

Ultrastack BG412V, 4x12 Guitar Cabinet from Behringer in the Ultrastack series.

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ugo7 05/19/2006

Behringer Ultrastack BG412V : ugo7's user review


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J uses the cabinet for 3 weeks, ke I love the most is that finishing c (c is the costo!) Its sleek look and of course the sound it gives off! It has 4 hp 12 '50W Jensen Bugera from home (mounted on some Fender and Peavey by the way!) Ki guarantee its net kel ke is the volume (200w it's the margin if .... is not a metalhead nags of course!). It plugs into 4ohms mono or stereo 8ohms. I use a behringer lx112 v AMPIRE kelle and the fact does not color the sound keeps the sound of the amp lx112 simus. Of course the fact that pregnant ke neutral not be a disadvantage for those ki uses typed in his amps, but good for 235 euro c Playback is a great deal and I do not regret it!!