Marshall 1960AV
Marshall 1960AV
slim-mike 04/12/2005

Marshall 1960AV : slim-mike's user review


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E bin RE-NO, hp Celestion team that the mesa are strictly the same. There is a big confusion of two things to me.
1st is that the importer any intRet you to believe this, because he can sell you took the cabinet box and hp (250 HT ... really, it is believed dreaming) prtextant pseudo difference.
The 2nd thing is that actually the mesa teams hp electro voice bnficient speakers hp and designed in partnership ralise Electro voice / Mesa.
I say because I have changed abtement 2 hp on my mesa cabinet (yes jen have cram 2 ... oops !!!) and I assure you that it is exactly the same, you think that if there was anything was diffrent it would have been mentioned on hp hp com for Electro Voice / Mesa.
Finally, the real diff between Mesa and Marshall cabinet is the violin of the cabinet, the Mesa is a real tank ...