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All user reviews for the Evolution Mk-461c

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Average Score:3.5( 3.5/5 based on 6 reviews )
 2 reviews33 %
 2 reviews33 %
 1 user review17 %
 1 user review17 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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pekch's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Evolution Mk-461c
Is a good master keyboard USB> MIDI standard autoaliment by USB, with buttons (available impractical to control a soft ... it's a paved numrique from 0 to 9 in which fat), 8 faders, assignable knobs (too bad we can not set a value MIN. and MAX. faders and knobs for), here and a little blue screen rtroclair (on this point, the program is not really Designed Moreover, because the screen does not display information that should tjs)
All in a cheapy cheapy plastoc low-end ... This is unfortunate, if Eveolution applied a little more couraging their stuff it might be okay


Touch bin, plastic soft, what
config fairly simple, although not really a program designed as I said above the level of knobs / faders and notch
the manual is clear and sufficient


I used 2 months
enigma software has never worked with me (or with the keyboard or control surface with UC 33)
before buying this one (in the dark I have to admit) I used an old synth keyboard kawai matre as I can tell you that I did not last long with the Evolution ... ;)
For the same price (just over) move towards a better KORG (the microKONTROL is much better, less good octave, m good, better quality, in the percu pads + above)
Good at the same time, it has a keyboard 200 which, like a gift to your son if he nola adj a computer and want to try the music ...
But actually not, buy him a korg!

MulToR's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Evolution Mk-461c
I just acqurir this keyboard and I am satisfied for now because it rpond done all my expectations.
I needed a lightweight and mobile keyboard 5 octaves I can dplacer easily, knobs and faders to be able CONTRL easily my favorite Fl Studio, instant ignition, a small footprint .. .
We are waiting!


It is very practical! Button Octave + / - is gnial!. IMMEDIATE recognized in XP, food in USB => Cool. No need to diet or cable noon, the controller is recognized directly as a USB audio prriphrique. It is clear that the keyboard and the plastics are not of high quality but it is good enough for a keyboard of control and you get used to ... and saw the price. We can not have your cake, silver butter and ass of crmire. Should not RVer.
It is still sound condition of not being a nag and manipulate a keyboard and a flexible finger) is demonstrated by the dernire once the keyboard has a good fall and is still in one piece and all works: it is not so fragile in appearance.
More than a year APRS: my keyboard still works as well. The VLOC is adjustable and should actually change it. Paramtrage the default does not suit me at all. I use if I am not mistaken the C2 and C4 (from memory).


My choice was either a controller like the afternoon of 33 179 CPU + keyboard miter. For 60 euros +, I have this keyboard 5 octaves. The report qualitprix is ​​undoubtedly one of the best in the market is seeing use. For now, I am delighted.
Clearly they could have chosen a better quality plastic but the price would perhaps not be the same. Ideal for a home studio. The left hand on the mouse and right on the keyboard or the knobs (or otherwise).

Blashol's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Evolution Mk-461c
In addition to my last review I give you here the images taken on protools to show you the diffrence dynamics can not play me! (Unless you only use synths without dynamic)

for this test I used a keyboard first and then the EVOLUTION YAMAHA CLP123 KM461C
I made two recordings with the two curves EVOLUTION rponses diffrent C1 (ultralinaire) and C4 (very strong)
Finally I took the test without sonspour not be influenced and automatically correct default that the ear could hear and keep only the sensation of touch.
blue select the black keys

by agreements in jous altrnance on black and white etc. ...

or in better quality here atlcharger:

by a chromatic scale

or Tlcharger:
we realize that there is a diffrence average dynamics of 20 (on MIDI scale of 128) between white and black. And this diffrence is ngligeable on YAMAHA (or due to the game) but it becomes obvious on the evolution and due to the manufacturer ... unless it is a default on mine, I will at this apremidi Playback to compare it with another. and change it if it is the manufacturer. (Which I'm about 90%)


Enjoyable simple, easy to install


permitted! ! ! ! ! unless you ONLY faitent lctro the vintage sound that does not use dynamic

kingsize's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Evolution Mk-461c
Lots of MIDI controllers, keyboard 61 keys, octave button + / - very practical
USB connection, power supply by USB ..


The touch keyboard is not that of a piano, but at this price you can not ask too much, no config was carried out under win XP, the keyboard is automatically recognized.
patches and config channels very simple
The basic manual is a little light but a more detailed manual is on the cd


I've had about six months, since I am completely satisfied (very very convenient memory dump)
quality / price ratio excellent despite the poor quality of plastics (bah.. + The important thing is that it works :-)
a recommender!

ddn's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Evolution Mk-461c
Technically, that's about the same as the edirol pcr 50 or radium 61C ... basically a MIDI keyboard with a touch plastoc (no touch weighted piano at that price, do not dream), 61 velocity-sensitive keys with knobs, faders and eleven midi assignable buttons and more knobs mandatory pitch and modulation. Compared to the other two, say he has a little more buttons and controllers, and he does a little cheap (especially more than the cheap edirol)


The touch keyboard is crap in the bar but do not forget that this is a keyboard 250 euros ...
the buttons are large and quite nice but the sensation soft repel the real musicians, those who think Coldplay or Air's music, for example (which I'm not).
general configuration is very simple and very helped by the Enigma software available on the manufacturer's website. It is better to use the USB for power and MIDI control, XP and some software are finicky with USB music-it does not pose a problem in practice once properly configured.
the selection of patches (which can be stored, too, so when you have spent three quarters of an hour to assign your favorite VST synth, you can save it, that's fun) is very easy and perfect plants control presets well b4 my favorite.
the manual is no story, honestly I did read that once and it is more than enough.


I've had six months, I use it every day, 20 hours a week and I am quite happy to use I am: Real-time control of VST synths, heavy use of Reaktor .
the most:
USB power, it's a transformer under
the position of the faders and controllers is perfect, having the rotary controllers and faders is excellent (for example for barley type b4 faders control the drawbars and rotary controllers vibrato or something else)-and decision pedal organ delight fans, more ...
MIDI-assignable buttons I love, it can assign functions to buttons to type mute / solo
the 'all in one' can have an object on your desktop ... If you have the space and money, buy more of a MIDI master keyboard to touch and a weighted complete controller (such as evolution UC33, but buy a cheap less)
the price / quality ratio is unbeatable if like me you buy special offer at 210 euros ... (Normal price is close to that of the Edirol, I urge you to go try both, the choice really depends on what you want to do)
an important point if you want to go live with, it is rather light for its size while remaining fairly stable, a point that I like

Like all products of the brand, it's plastoc to ten francs, the life of the potentiometers is quite limited especially if you get upset over a little on stage
albeit one who has the most, I would have liked even more faders and buttons, just in the spirit of the CPU 33
the normal price, I think the edirol has a life longer, but it has fewer buttons and the keyboard is more plastoc (I think)

total: price / quality ratio very good use rather nice, very space saving. Warning: do not buy used!!

FrenchPlaya's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Evolution Mk-461c
This keyboard offers great possibilities of CONTRL in real time via its DIFFERENT potentiomtre / faders (while remaining compact and lightweight)
The pitch bend and modulation spars are functional and well placed trs (unlike the brand Roland, Korg offering Systmes combins prcis little, or not in M-Audio, which places above the keys).
The USB connector allows to avoid a diet.


The small notch s'avre very practical and thanks to the software ENIGMA is a snap to grate the configs.
Only ngatifs points:
The quality of the keys can be improved
Too bad the manufacturer does not provide manuals in French (or even on the site (


All in all a good product with a trs qualitprix report more than correct!
I recommend anyone who uses your PC as a workstation.