ROLI Seaboard Grand Stage
ROLI Seaboard Grand Stage

Seaboard Grand Stage, 61-Key MIDI Keyboard from ROLI.

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Duration: 03:16 - Language: en - Added by cortez77 on Sep 14, 2017 at 2:19:40 AM

ROLI Seaboard GRAND 61-Key USB Keyboard Controller – Playing Tutorial | Full Compass

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The ROLI Seaboard GRAND is something of a new dimension for keyboards - a fretless piano that doubles as an expressive multi-dimensional controller - that reimagines the piano keyboard as a soft, continuous surface and puts expression back at your fingertips in every gesture. For centuries there have been fundamental limitations to the acoustic piano, and keyboardists have been forced to accept the velocity of their key strikes as the end of that note's expressive potential.

Digitally speaking, sound on a piano is very pixelated, in separate discrete elements, and if you tie all those together it can feel continuous. But other instruments, like a violin, are high resolution because the sound is continuous and changing. With the ROLI Seaboard GRAND, however, intuitive gestures such as presses, bends and slides open new avenues of musical expression via five dimensions of touch. Each note played on the Seaboard has independent pressure, pitch bend and velocity control. This independence is made possible by real-time MIDI channel allocation. With every new note, data is sent to the next available MIDI channel.