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Millenium Acoustic Drums user reviews

  • Millenium MX222BX

    Millenium MX222BX - jacsop's review


    I use it for 3 years, but am not a drummer likes to type back from work. I have not tried others but find the value for money more than correct. While I changed the cymbal and hi-hat because really .... c. I also changed the kick pedal. Now I think i…

  • Millenium MX120 Strater drums set

    Millenium MX120 Strater drums set - funkivi's review


    Its been a year since I use it and it does not deteriorate facillment compared to the price but the cymbals were quickly bumps if you play music a little Violante, I tried 2 other drumkit (the drumkit batting confirmed and the sound is less potent an…

  • Millenium MX220BX

    Millenium MX220BX - driser's review


    History and adventure 1 year and I can tell you that the problems happen after the first minute of play, bass snare toms class limit is ridiculous stack, then the 16-sshrc make the same noise that a cover plate for the roof, the hihat is folded …

  • Millenium MX220BX

    Millenium MX220BX - Droksu's review


    - How long have you use it? Almost a year since I Reue and I play with, I had not done before rev ... What I like most is its price Obviously, this says nothing miraculous, the cymbals play is, say it clearly trs trs bad, the snare and toms soun…

  • Millenium MX520

    Millenium MX520 - davegrohl125's review


    I played this in a baterra friend and I find what the default Complete hugely from his sister (the MX220 or 222) EFET in the cymbals are already of high quality, the drums sound better and hestétique (snare in black) and really more fun than the s…

  • Millenium MX220BX

    Millenium MX220BX - kryss007's review


    I board the drumkit had six months ago, there are many small problems that arise as the cymbals change because it is literally fold and its not the most enjoyable, skin changes, circles to keep the skins on oval drum ... This is my drumkit and Prem…

  • Millenium MX220BX

    Millenium MX220BX - davegrohl125's review


    I use this drumkit for 4 months It's more of course its tiny price (222 euros ...) the least: the cymbals, skins this is my first drumkit I achter for its low price The value for money and great, despite the fact that the cymbals are a cha…

  • Millenium MX220BX

    Millenium MX220BX - fv59's review


    On 16/01/2006, Hello, I have just purchased a drumkit complte "Millennium MX 220 BX", the site at Thomann. No worries on the specific control equipment: command twelve o'clock on Monday APRS APRS request more info via e-mail address Thomann, …