Cort MR780FX
Cort MR780FX

MR780FX, Acoustic-electric Folk/Western guitar from Cort in the MR series.

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 3 reviews )
 2 reviews67 %
 1 user review33 %
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Dl71's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Cort MR780FX
Made in Korea. It's a beautiful instrument clearly dominant. 20 frets.

Team pramp a Fishman Prefix Premium SOB that includes a piezo transducer over a "real" microphone: NOTCH, volume Bass, Treble, Contour semi-Settings, phase switch and tuner Intgr. Balance between the pickups. Possibility to go out in mono and Stereo.

Trs full ... too?

Super beautiful and handle Rabl.

Finishing die for.

A little work on the t ncessaire nut so that it fits my game ... but I file the nut on almost ALL my guitars!


The handle is really easy, it glides on its own.

Access in acute is not the best of the best and make a bar below the 13 box I can not but share a common Most recent internship when frets are even available and go for a FA the key 13 is not exactly my current or mandatory.

I play sitting down. I never tried to play up with but it does not seem heavy. This is not a guitar that I would call lgre: we feel it is the and was well on the knees.

The sound is brilliant trs, ideal for a sound that stands well when playing in groups. I must admit that c'tait mtallique for me too with the original set of strings. I have changed several times to finish by installing Cleartone phosphorus bronze from 10 to 47. The branch is not the trs clear. Guitar trs trs powerfully projected, it is a pleasure.

Branch to get complicated! FISHMAN has a good reputable ... what happens? He really took a lot of patience to find a sound that seems acceptable. Surprises then! Clearly C'tait trs. Hair is hair with acute overload and mdiums screaming, bass hollow ... the horror ... the "real" microphone is Intgr al prampli and makes all the sounds of the body, including the squeal against my jeans!

The good config is to gain rgler Manir minimize Influencing this microphone the sound ... The piezo is very well ... What is the microphone? I think the fact that the paste is a pramp excrable ide ... as not to put.


In dpart, I said c'tait too bright ... especially since I play acoustic trio plutt ...

I play with a power amp, no effect.
I like the clarity and the piezo is very well it makes quite round derrire notes crystal clear ... small arpges make beautifully.


I use a month.
The difficulty of rglage and mcaniques dores are particularity I like least.
Its incomparable ease of play, its presence and physical sound that I like most.
I tried lots and lots of guitars.

It is worth its price but would benefit cort solve the problem di "real" microphone, which originally is not al pramp in the fishman ... CONOMY the candle-end I think ...

I will see some competing srieuses:

Seagull S6 Quantum II is a scratch really comparable ... I prfrais the sound of the seagull, but stick me dplaisait (741 euros in stores in Belgium).

Taylor 114 CE: This is really a super skyscraper both in regard to the sound that the ease of play ... a little more CHRE: 899 on the internet. Touch ... say the feeling in contact with the guitar just gives a feeling "cheap"

The Cort is 584 euros in stores in Belgium.

ct of a Hfner there is a small lot: the HA GA03 ... 340 euros but it projects less and finish is not the same level. Having said that price is a good buy. I had bought but I returned because of a default of varnish that made me fear a problem dcollement of the handle.

Takamine the mid-range ... blah, not satisfied at all.

RM 740 fx is my opinion a better choice to play alone with a female singer because the sound is less clear, more bluesy but to play in the group 780 is a good choice considering the price.

A remake in Cort, I choose the 740.

I sold my 780 to buy a Takamine ESF 40 C of occasions (see my opinion this)

Martel's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Cort MR780FX
Dreadnought guitar with cutaway
While Rabl (pica + table and I think rosewood fingerboard)
MCAS Grover!
Prampli Fishman Prefix!
In mine I have more of an indoor micro. Apparently this is not the case in all.
Beautiful finish.


- The neck is super thin and super easy enjoyable
- Access in acute is more than adequate for an electro-acoustic
- Ergonomics is good neither heavy nor bulky to play sitting or standing with a strap.
- Grover The MCAS is extra, prcises and they do not move. Branch is a pure pleasure. You get what you want thanks to prampli and two microphones.


- Fits all styles, ideal for guitar lovers who want a lc trs good acoustic guitar.
- Warm and slightly non-crystalline branch (d also Elixir strings on this guitar home I bought qd There are 2 years old) and powerful compared to other guitars. Branch is a marvel. The range of sound is incredible. This is probably one of the big highlights of this guitar


- I play this guitar for two and a half years
- There is nothing I dislike about this guitar, great finish, looks terrible (Blue Burst for mine), inlays in the sleeve, wave (or flames I do not know how to say) the rear. A super powerful sound non-branch and branch even more terrible.
- A report quality unbeatable price I pay the 570 era and for me it is much better than many brands, same over 1000.
- I tried many Takamine, mount rev up to compete with the Cort. Branch and forget it.
- With the exprience I ever did without this choice hsiter. I do not sell.

Cort was hard with the trs MODEL, I tried pretty well across the same brand but it has the stuff and more each level.

estepo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Cort MR780FX
Guitar Coren, 20 frets, everything is in Saddle
Fishman prefix Pramlpi more
Good manufacturing


The handle is trs enjoyable to the touch, it is easy dplace above, Access in acute is correct, it has a nice face and is not heavy.
Finish irrprochable


I t then the compltement bluff!
I tried other electro acoustic store (Yamaha APX-5, Fender, Ovation celebrity) and it's really the Cort me more. Not only amplifies or pramp Fishman provides all types of sound (warm with good bass brilliant) but also non amplifieo DGIG it a powerful and enjoyable trs (but with a little lack of bass from the amplifier).


I've had six months and fell in love with the sounds it offers. The finish is perfect and makes my opinion more than large INTERESTED marques.Le qualitprix report is unbeatable.