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All user reviews for the Fender DG-11E

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Average Score:3.7( 3.7/5 based on 3 reviews )
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MGR/Johnnie Deslauriers03/26/2004

MGR/Johnnie Deslauriers's review"Fender DG-11E"

Fender DG-11E
I got my guitar from my parents for x-mas of 03. I have never been told how much it was, i was told it was a gift from santa ......

This guitar is great as soon as i took it outside the box and strumed it it has a very clear tone. It playes great fingers seam to just fall into place on the guitar unlike with my dad old yamaha.Very easy to tune. I have been playing guitar for about a year befor i got this guitar and i fell in love with it i have a friend that has been playing for 7 year and he tells me it playes better then his $300 gibson. Anouther thing i like about this guitar is it sound great no matter what style or kinda of music your playin heavy,picking, strumming,slide doeasn't matter.A great thing about this unit is that it's an Acoustic/Electric so when nobody is around or your jammin with some of your friend just plug her in and she sounds awsome.

There is only one thing i dislike about this guitar is it's black it look very nice but it hard to keep spotless.I'm take very good care of my guitar wipe it down whenever i'm done playin and i havn't had any trouble but one time i went a week with out wiping it down and it was very hard to get back the original shine. When u get that shine it's like a mirror. outher then that the guitar is flawless.

This guitar is great, love everthing about, it sounde like a $400 guitar right out of the box. The electric inside of it run perfect never had any trouble with it.plug it in and it sound perfect.

BOTTOM LINE: This guitar is worth twice whatever my MOM and DAD (santa) payed for it it's worth it's weight in gold you could say
playes great for any level of guitar player everthing workes perfect. The only bad point is it's hard to keep clean but when it is ,it catches peoples eyes.I give it a 5 because it's everthing u could ask for in a acousic guitar.

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MGR/Sean Hankins12/24/2003

MGR/Sean Hankins's review"Fender DG 11-E"

Fender DG-11E
I bought this acoustic at a Guitar Center in East Brunswick, NJ. I needed an acoustic that i didn't have to worry about maintaining so much. I thought Fender meant reliable.

It's pretty. The action is easily adjustable. It sounds better plugged in than it does acoustic.

I guess you get what you pay for, in that it is a rather low-end model. It has a twang once you past the 5th fret, not bad, if that's the sound you want.

On my particular acoustic, the action was set way high out of the factory, and the nut fell off the first time I changed the strings. It would have quickly discouraged me if it was my first guitar.

I think that low end models need to be just as reliable as the high ends, because low ends are usually what people rely on. If a brand's 'starter guitar' falls apart, the consumer will not look to that brand again.
When it comes to Fender, stick to electrics.

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MGR/natedogg_05's review"Fender DG-11E"

Fender DG-11E
I got this guitar for x-mas '02. It usually sells for $199.99 but the peerson who got it for me got it fow cheap somewhere. I'm glad I got it, it's a great guitar

I lioke pretty much everything on this guitar. The sound is beautiful. The black finish looks even better in person, nice and shiny. It does get fingerprints and dust on it but you just wipe it off with a rag and it looks like nobody has ever touched it, so no big deal.

There's only one thing I don't like about this guitar. The low E string buzzes if you play it to hard. It's not that bad, it only does that if you do it hard, just normal strumming is fine. I think the buzz is mainly just on my guitar because my uncle has the same guitar and his doesn't buzz.

The quality is exellent. Everything is put together perfectly. Neck is perfectly strait and everything, nothing wrong here.

The bottom line is that this guitar is an excellent instrument for any level player. I honestly don't see the difference between a beginner guitar and an advanced players guitar. It seems like if it's a piece of crap than it's a begginner guitar. Well this is far from a hunk of junk and is definatley worth the money. I give it a 4 because of the buzz, but it's probably just my guitar.

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