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All user reviews for the Takamine EG523SCB

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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 2 reviews )
 1 user review50 %
 1 user review50 %
Value For Money:Excellent
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60'sforever's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" First folk and Russia"

Takamine EG523SCB
Folk electro acoustic guitar Coren - DADDARIO original strings - Tuner Intgr


enjoyable race, good ergonomics when sitting, strap required otherwise easy Access in boxes, the sound works little small but the return of listeners trs is positive, I find it more enjoyable to play Agreements composs or 'ARPG (I play mediator) that big but it's a rhythm to contol qst


Register and folk music Franaise perfectly hedged, trying not to electro acoustic


been using it for 3 months, the first acoustic guitar and 2nd, I love it more and did all the exercises above (various ranges and torture) and the electric iron is fun, it's really a pleasure for a beginners like me to feel the guitar s'amliorer under my fingers, the ratio Q / P trs is good, I would do without this choice hsiter

Anorfwael's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" Nice!"

Takamine EG523SCB
Well everything has been said I think!
Note that the preamp is very good.


So, unlike the others, I refuse to say that it is easy to use:
gauge strings / sleeves is annoying, I arched a little stick with the key, but the best is to go see a luthier, because an agreement to place FA we galley! it sounds, but hard, very hard on his arpeggiate (ex: do not ring in the agreement).
I discourage beginners, personally, I found it difficult to use, and access to acute is correct, but the strings slipping badly, the slide is not permitted!

Edit 04/12/10: I did adjust the neck from a luthier and it's going much better, much easier to play has now, it's a pleasure to play, to share the weight!


I play rock, blues, but classical music, film music (eg Joe Hisaishi), or even pop. I type in all styles. It gives well on all these styles, if you come to play!

The -:
The highs are a little aggressive at times, low power fail, and the power of the guitar not plugged flawed. Similarly, if you try to rock that heats up, slamming the strings against the frets easily.

The pros:
The warm, pleasant to you happy, whatever the music!
We feel a real sound, the harmonics are good and if we manage to ARPEGE, what happiness!
The sound is excellent for a guitar of this price.
I also play plugged into a sound system, with microphone, and Overdrive pedal (boss ds1).
that's okay! I was expecting worse, with the distortion the sound is that of an electro but it can be done!
Otherwise clean sound, nothing to say, the sound is natural and even better than disconnected.
I play with the EQ and contour, which is essential for me to keep all the natural guitar.
Careful not to add treble if you will escape your audience, then that would be lower and more friendly.
Edit 04/12/10: changed the strings for 16 exp elixir light, it is monstrous!
much better than the original strings, I had the impression of having changed guitar.


I have this guitar for a few months and I am satisfied.
Overall, it is of course very good value for money and I would do the choices I think.
Level finishes, good job, apart from two flaws on mine that will make me lower my rating:
The thread for the handle was twisted, hello pain to adjust the sleeve!
A pok was inside the box that shows when we play, to believe that a coup has been given a screwdriver, it's downright ripped!
The esthetic is excellent, nothing to say, the guitar is beautiful, much nicer in black than in other models to my taste.

I recommend buying it, it was a pleasant surprise playing.