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Takamine Acoustic-electric Folk/Western guitars news

  • Takamine LTD2014 Grouse acoustic-electric guitar
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    Takamine LTD2014 Grouse acoustic-electric guitar

    02/04/14 in Takamine LTD2014 Grouse

    Takamine introduces the LTD2014 Grouse acoustic-electric guitar, a model that will only be available to 52 lucky owners.

  • [NAMM] Takamine unveils its LTD2013 Series
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    [NAMM] Takamine unveils its LTD2013 Series

    01/16/13 in Takamine LTD2013 Peak

    Takamine introduces two new LTD models for 2013, which are electro-acoustic guitars with original inlays.

  • [NAMM] Takamine Toby Keith Signature guitar

    [NAMM] Takamine Toby Keith Signature guitar

    01/16/13 in Takamine EF250TK Toby Keith Signature

    Takamine will launch in 2013 the EF250TK Toby Keith Signature electro-acoustic guitar.

  • [NAMM] Takamine LTD2012 & LTD2012C

    [NAMM] Takamine LTD2012 & LTD2012C

    01/17/12 in Takamine LTD2012 Michi

    Takamine Guitars introduces two new offerings, the LTD2012 and LTD2012C guitars.

  • [NAMM] Takamine T50th

    [NAMM] Takamine T50th

    01/17/12 in Takamine T50th Anniversary

    In celebration Takamine's 50th anniversary, the company introduces the limited edition T50th guitar.

  • [NAMM] Takamine EG50th

    [NAMM] Takamine EG50th

    01/17/12 in Takamine EG50th Anniversary

    Takamine introduces the EG50th guitar, the first-ever limited edition G-series Guitar.

  • [Musikmesse] New Takamine Models

    [Musikmesse] New Takamine Models

    04/06/11 in Takamine Yozakura

    Takamine introduces four new guitars, a quartet of new acoustics including the limited Yazokura.

  • [NAMM] Takamine 2009 Limited Edition

    [NAMM] Takamine 2009 Limited Edition

    01/28/09 in Takamine LTD2009

    Takamine is releasing its 2009 Limited Edition 6-string electro-acoustic guitar.