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Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 8 reviews )
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MGR/Rich Pierce08/29/2004

MGR/Rich Pierce's review"Taylor 614CE"

Taylor 614ce
I purchased this guitar from an e-bay seller after playing one at Playground Music in Ft Walton Beach Florida. I paid $1600 for it and it was in perfect shape.

This guitar, quite simply, is the best guitar I have ever played--or seen for that matter. Aesthetically, my 614CE has a beautiful tobacco sunburst stain which is an incredible eye-catcher. People gravitate to it when I pull the guitar out just to see it. Of course, the sound is what is really important, and this instrument never disappoints. The maple provides a warmth not found often with either traditional or non-traditional woods and although sustain could be a bit better unplugged, that issue is never a problem when I use it with my Marshall AS50R amp. My brother-in-law is one of the top guitarists around (Tom Edwards, aka Tom Duarte) and he absolutely loves the 600-series Taylors, especially the 614CE. Also, I got a chance to see Doyle Dykes at Playground Music and he played one of the store's 614CEs (grabbed it right off the wall) as well as his own custom Taylor. What an incredible guitarist! He had nothing but great words about Taylor as a company and the 614CE in particular. That says it all.

I have a bit of trouble with the Fishman blender causing feedback and have to work it a bit to clear it up. The new Taylor Expression System clears this up and is really the way to go.

Without a doubt, Taylor produces among the finest guitars in the world. The quality is unbelievable--this guitar will make you better because of its ease of play and your increased desire to play a work of art. Additionally, I appreciate the ethical integrity and moral values Bob Taylor and his company upholds. He is a strong man of faith (as is Doyle Dykes who is also an ordained minister) and charitable beyond words. That is important to me--highest quality with equally matching ethical character.

This is not an inexpensive musical instrument, but if the price is within your means, I can think of no better guitar to own. If Tom and Doyle praise this instrument continuously, then you know you have a gem in your hands.

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MGR/Anonymous's review"Taylor 614ce"

Taylor 614ce
I bought this guitar at the Fret House in Covina Ca. for around $2500.

The clarity that comes from this guitar is amazing. The highs ring clear without being thin or tinny. The Fishman pickup is awesome. I like to use the blender at about the 80% pickup range, which utilizes the condenser mic in the tonehole to add a nice acoustic/unplugged sound.

The only thing that I've run into, and I realize that there are other tradeoff's, is that when I am playing unplugged, it is not a huge sound. Part of this is the tonewood that they use, and the other is the fact that the body style is grand auditorium. Although I have played the jumbo version, 615, and it is still not as big a sound as you would get from an 800 series.

Construction and durability is great. I have had this guitar for about 5 years and it is still in great shape, needing only minor adjustments, and I play this thing everyday.

This is an amazing guitar. It is not an all in one kind of guitar, but what it does, it does impecibly. I've played lots of Martins and Larivee's and I would still buy this guitar every day of the week. To get a better guitar you are going to need to move into the area of hand crafted custom guitars (Olson, Goodall, etc).

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MGR/Jay's review"Taylor 614CE"

Taylor 614ce
I bought this excellent guitar from Wray's Music in Leymoney PA. I had been using a Gibson J185 Reissue and was not happy with it. I paid around $1800 for my Taylor.

I like the live sound of this guitar, since I am an active performing musician. I also like the ease of play.


Put together beautifully with quality materials.

Definitely worth the money paid! My playing has improved and my live sound has boomed since I began using this guitar on stage!!

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MGR/Gary in WV11/05/2003

MGR/Gary in WV's review"Taylor 614CE"

Taylor 614ce
Last August while visiting family in New York City, I decided to go guitar shopping. I'd been entertaining the idea of getting a new axe for quite some time. I go to Sam Ash Music on 48th Street(music store row) and I'm like a kid in a candystore. Their line of Taylors caught my attention immediately. I'd never played a Taylor but had heard others on Taylor and liked their sound. Well, I was hooked straight away. Especially the 614ce with it's beautiful bigleaf maple back and sides and stunning finish. And, what a sound!
Just to be fair to myself (and all the other guitar manufacturers), I played about 50 guitars in two days but I kept coming back to the 614.
Day 2 at Sam Ash a deal was struck and I bought the Taylor for $2500 on their 6 months same as cash deal and had them ship it to my home in WV to save about $200

The 614ce has the sound that I have been looking for in a guitar all my life. It has the sweetest tone,unbelievable sustain, and every note and chord just sounds like liquid gold flowing from the soundhole. Good lows, crisp highs, awesome middle, and balanced throughout the range.
This Taylor is the easiest guitar to play that I have ever had. It feels kinda like playing an electric. Good smooth action, perfect intonation all the way up as high as you can get. I have never had a guitar with a cutaway and this has opened up a whole new world for me and acoustic guitars.
This guitar is just a pleasure to play. After a couple of days I realized that the Taylor had made a twice as good of a guitar player!

I can't think of anything that I don't like about this guitar. I thought that it would be nice if it had a little more bottom end, but after having it a few months now, it's really fine.
I started noticing a nagging buzz coming from different strings at different times and it was starting to really bum me out, but then I figured out that it was the pickup leads just laying in the wrong place and all it would need was a little shake to make it go away.

Taylors are amazingly well crafted. It's hard to believe that they are a production guitar. The abalone inlay on the fingerboard and rosette is incedibly beautiful. It's truly a work of art!

I have had Martins, Gibsons, and Guilds, but this is by and large the best sounding, easiest playing guitar I have had yet. Get a Taylor

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MGR/Anonymous's review"Taylor 614 CE"

Taylor 614ce
After drooling over this guitar for some months, I was given permission by my wife to purchase it for myself as my very own birthday present. Thank you Mr. Mastercard. I picked it up with the Taylor case at Guitar Center for a little over $2,200 after a trade-in.

There's absolutely nothing NOT to like about this masterpiece. I plan on keeping this guitar until the day I pass on! The maple sides and maple 3-piece back look stunning! The color looks like someone dribbled honey all over it. Combined with the spruce top, it produced some INCREDIBLY warm, loud, yet prodoundly beautiful tones. It has a nice low end, and doesn't end up with a tinny high end (even with Elixir strings!). The blender feature on the electric controls is outstanding, as well! Choose either the fishman piezo pickup under the bridge, or the condenser mic mounted underneath the controls box. OR blend between the two for the perfect tonal balance! It's amazing! The sound projection of this guitar blows away any and all acoustics I've played or owned whether they be Fender, Dean, Gibson, Larivee or Martin.

In terms of cosmetic finishes, I can't find a blemish anywhere on the guitar. It was truly built with a master's touch! The inlaid leaf pattern on the fretboard is also a work of art!

The tone of this guitar really shows how Martin's just can't reach that high end with the balanced low end all in one guitar. No Gibson can project the sound like this Taylor, either. I'm truly impressed.

Plugged in, whether into an amp, or straight to the mixing board, this guitar absolutely sings. My wife was blown away by the difference in this guitar and my last one just with me playing it on the couch after bringing it home. It is a masterpiece!

Also, compared to Martin, Larivee, Gibson, Guild, etc., you won't find the blender feature of the electronics on any of these other makes until you get into the $3,000 range - if at all! The lowest Taylor with the blender costs something like $2,000. The cheapest Gibson with the blender was $3200... Enough said.

Absolutely nothing! I have no regrets in the LEAST and would recommend this as a purchase to anyone. If you can afford it and are looking for a quality acoustic that will provide you with your money's worth, look no where else!

Absolutely perfect. No flaws either cosmetically, or in the construction of it. Not a single complaint, and tons and tons of praise to give out!!

Play a Martin (any Martin), and it'll sound very very nice. Play a Gibson, Larivee, Guild, etc., and it'll also sound beautiful. You'll probably doubt that the Taylor will really be any different at all.

Finally, pick up a Taylor, and the difference will be immediately apparent. The sound projection, the warmth of the tones, the depth of the low end while being balanced with the mid range and the high end, everything, will impress you.


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Thorn K.12/01/2012

Thorn K.'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Taylor 614ce
Everything has already been said ...


Handle very nice, even a pure happiness.

What really struck me and where I pays great attention as soon as I take one instrument, balance, and there really, this guitar is perfect ... at least on my knees, I asked, I let go, she stayed right. While for some this is probably not an important detail in my registry (fingerstyle), using many percussion movements / taping and not constantly both hands holding the instrument, it is essential that at least we do not play strapped.

For guitarists fingers end, the frets are a bit big, I had big problems in the nerves of the fingers, index mainly on long sessions it becomes unplayable for me and even for several days, a luthier found the nut enough widened.


The day I had bought, I spent half a day in a store to try a bunch of guitars, the Larrivee, Takamine, Cole Clark, Yamaha, Gibson and so on, none satisfaisais me when I took one, I made an agreement, in my head it was already mine. A tremendous clarity and precision acoustics, beautiful arpeggios in the taping as well as open tuning very serious, harmonics emerge to perfection. It is probably less effective strumming.

on the other hand, once connected, for me it is a disaster, the expression system is horrible for me, Americans love, tastes and colors ... We have a huge bump in the midrange, the sound is completely distorted, really puke.


I bought it in 2008, sold in 2012 for a guitar luthier.

This is the first guitar I sold it in 20 years of practice, it was difficult because she is already beautiful violin, but now, as time has passed, the hindsight and experience, the sound, even acoustics satisfaisais me more, I understand now the many comments I've read guitarists did not like Taylor sound without a lot of character in the end, but it sounds great there's no problem.

And I wanted to turn this system expression that I find really bad or even shameful for a guitar of this price, do not rely on video demos Taylor, it's not all that it transmits as his. I had brought home from the luthier that I bought a guitar, in which we did a lot of testing, it installed the K & K Sound Trinity on his guitars, there is a really good gear that transmits the best acoustic instrument.

So now, for the impersonal and embedded electronics, it was useless that I care. I strongly advice to those who like Taylor, buy pure acoustic models, and install electronics such as K & K that do not require trapping on the guitar and therefore no impairment of the instrument and sound light years ahead of the expression system, embedded systems because of origin, the day they make a new one, the coast of the former is in free fall and therefore very difficult to sell, I don ' buy one more scratch-mounted electro today.

I put 8/10 because anyway, level violin finish, balance, comfort and acoustics (for those who like Taylor) is the high-end there's no problem, they innovate in many ways .

jjjjj's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Guitar exception"

Taylor 614ce
See previous review


This handle is a real highway or all speeding is allowed. Ultra ergonomic guitar.


The sounds are rich and accurate at the time.


I have tried many models it is truly exceptional. Note that there is a huge difference between the 514 EC and 614 EC in favor of the latter.

The preamp is very simple to the most accurate and low noise. Battery replacement is very easy and fast.

The finish is exceptional. Mr. Bob Taylor is truly a great luthier.

Fuzz's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Taylor 614ce
Made in 2007, made in United States
Solid sitka Table pica
Back and neck wicker covers Saddle Solid Flame
Touche, bridge and pegs bne
Incorporated by leaf and inlaid mother of pearl inlay on the rosette abalone
White binding on body, neck and head
Mcaniques oil bath, Grover gold plated
Prampli Taylor Expression System


Handle end of the most enjoyable with a CASC on all parties without any worries.
Level ergonomics nothing wrong, has played itself ^ ^


For sound, it's Taylor with a projection breathtaking super equilibrated dynamic.
In the amplifier Prampli Expression System is truly stunning, it keeps the acoustic sound, there is not much but it is not rglage teacher, as the aim to amplify the b you, something perfectly made, APRS can get the sound in what we want ^ ^


I possde ending for this guitar for a year, since all other sound seem bland.
I think we can do everything on this guitar, blues, folk, rock, funk ...
Some find the sound Tayloe too "impersonal", but this level of violin making, I think this is the game of personality that makes the guitar sound.
Not to waste anything, I find it really beautiful with her Saddle flame.
It is clear that some investment but is playing with such happiness that I am not myself PRS Sparer