Yamaha CPX500
Yamaha CPX500

CPX500, Acoustic-electric Folk/Western guitar from Yamaha in the CPX series.

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All user reviews for the Yamaha CPX500

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Infrabassman's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent guitar"

Yamaha CPX500
Made in Indonesia


Round handle

Very nice production (collages and impeccable finish)


Easy to handle. Neck very agreeable.

Great sound as well as in electro acoustics.


Very nice sound, free from noise.


Very good guitar for an affordable price.

yiya's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good guitar but electronics is poor."

Yamaha CPX500
The frets well calibrated, I have not encountered any problems except with the vibration of the use of amplifiers, over time the vibration of the spring is located electronics or battery when using the amp vibrated and agree on the guitar, fortunately it does not pose a problem for experienced is just bad if you put the volume too low.

The resonator is tolerable, its not worth the quality of his I've seen on non-acoustic electronica.
Built-in tuner but it's cool c in English, must know, setting: 12/-12 + mid + low and high AMF 80k to 10k.


A handle end and small, not easy when you have big fingers but suddenly not too bulky.
The guitar is quite light and compact, do not let the sun with the dark years has veered slightly tendency to very dark purple, must look for the little beast to see, 20 frets but access to the last frets n is not clear, the sound of the guitar is good regardless of the position of a finger.


I play this guitar with the Roland CM30 Cube and his fate niquel, I pass even when the pedal Zooms A2.1u but it is not necessary, verified the purchase or the system is the battery I j ' I had problems when I have small batteries (normally it should be all the same size but must believe that the adjustment is different depending on brand)


I help around 2 years, I had never tried to just acoustic electric guitars electric, classical and acoustic.
I retain it's still the aspect of the guitar that comes out, ease of learning and light.
But I had to buy the 50 euro traded.