Carlsbro Sherwood 65W
Carlsbro Sherwood 65W

Sherwood 65W, Acoustic-Electric Guitar Amplifier from Carlsbro.

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 3 reviews )
 2 reviews67 %
 1 user review33 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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Bandittof's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Mandatory acoustic"

Carlsbro Sherwood 65W
For the characteristics
65W transistor with a piezo detachable hp and a phase inverter.
2 with one JACK input a complete adjustment and parametric + JACK / XLR with mechanical adjustment simple and Reverb on 2 inputs.


Yes and no adjustments are simple but very significant number especially parametric.
But it is very easy to get the tone you want.


Style acoustic blues and classic jazz that is more than enough for most vraiement can change sounds depending on what you want to play (rather hot dry rhythm sound just amplified).
For the rest go your way.
I play with shadow on a classic micro
Electro-acoustic Epiphone one.


15 years.
I tried a marshall acoustic stereo.
I love the retro look
Value for money nickel just 1 interview in 15 years for slight crunch on the buttons. A sudden bomb and blow and go.
The only problem was mechanical reverb released.
I do not regret my purchase and am not ready to part with.

mamattou's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Carlsbro Sherwood 65W
65W transistor amplifier for electro acoustic guitar.Two separate channels:- One for the guitar (jack socket) with gain and semi-parametric equalisation (mid range).- One for vocals (jack or XLR). With controls for gain, bass and treble.General volume and reverb controls.Send and return for an effects loop.Tweeter selector on the back panel. 


The config is simple and complete. You get what you want almost immediately and all sounds are good. It perfectly reproduced (the sounds of) acoustic guitars mounted with piezo or contact. The semi-parametric eq can shape the sound to perfection.


We can all plug in to this combo. It is magical. We can even play the electric guitar or the bass through it. Obviously, there are no plans for that and it does not excel in these areas. However, the sounds that can be obtained with different inappropriate instruments proves its quality. The presence of a selector for the tweeter provides added clarity and sought after treble sounds for some acoustic guitars and voices.


Of course this is not an AER, but it remains a formidable combo highlighting any electro-acoustic guitar for any style of music. I bought it used about ten years ago now and I am delighted to have it. I do not know if the newer models are as good. In any case I recommend it to anyone who wants to amplify an acoustic guitar for not too much money, it's stunning!

arnaud.v's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Carlsbro Sherwood 65W
Amp electro-acoustic quitar
65W (transistor but I think it is something that I master evil ...)
Two separate channels:
First-channel: input jack, gain, eq. bass 2 mediums (parametric) and trebble
2nd-channel: input jack or XLR; gain eq. bass trebble
General: Volume and Reverb (but choose to Aplique reverb to the channel you want, or two or none ...)
A button to reverse the phase, particularly to avoid the feedback bp

Deriere was a Line Out (XLR) and taken to other effects (Fx Fx Send return and footswitch that I have to use the jms ...)
Horn is also a button (for more brightness ...)


Really easy to use ...
the sound is good and right away with a few adjustments that is even better ...

(Note that I am not a pro sound and I spend two hours before a rare amp to find the perfect sound)

Jms I had a pb in the volume
by j against him a little breath when I push the volume too much or gain (nothing too embarrassing, I know if normal c, if c is the age ...)


I use it with a guitar Seagull (S6 + CW Cedar which already has a very good acoustic sound) and the amp should totally my expectations and that of the guitar ...
if I were to describe the sound in two words I would say bright and warm
parametric settings of the medium is really nice. it allows for full modulation in sound.
by boosting the bass gives a more dull or dirty limit even if you want ...


I've had 6 or 7 years
I bought it because of my Seagull Slit 110 champions is really a waste.
I think he immediately liked me and I pay the 3500F at the time and I regret not vraimant this acquisition, I am not about to get rid of

I've often used on stage (smaller rooms) by plugging the guitar on channel 1 and 2 in my microphone and it worked very well tjs. I do hear and the sound is more than corect. With a table and good speakers c'st more enjoyable ...
I also used to do some recording on the computer. so I use the preamp and j'emvoie everything to my sound card ... for me who do not know much about recording I am almost surprised by the results

models but are certainly a little better, but this average range presents a good value for money (I think .. especially as I see it is around the argus 300E ...)