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Fishman Acoustic-Electric Guitar Amplifiers news

  • [NAMM] Video Fishman Loudbox Performer @NAMM

    [NAMM] Video Fishman Loudbox Performer @NAMM

    07/14/12 in Fishman Loudbox Performer

    Video Fishman Loudbox Performer 2012 Edition @NAMM

  • [NAMM] Fishman Loudbox Performer

    [NAMM] Fishman Loudbox Performer

    07/12/12 in Fishman Loudbox Performer [2005-2011]

    Fishman introduces the newly redesigned Loudbox Performer acoustic instrument amplifier at 2012 Summer NAMM.

  • Fishman LoudBox Artist Shipping

    Fishman LoudBox Artist Shipping

    10/04/11 in Fishman Loudbox Artist

    Fishman Acoustic Amplification is now shipping the Loudbox Artist amplifier.

  • Fishman LoudBox Artist LBX600

    Fishman LoudBox Artist LBX600

    08/14/11 in Fishman Loudbox Artist

    Introduced at Summer NAMM 2011, the new Loudbox Artist represents a design evolution of the Loudbox 100, with the same brown and cream look as the successful Loudbox Mini. .

  • Fishman Loudbox Mini Amp

    Fishman Loudbox Mini Amp

    08/02/10 in Fishman Loudbox Mini

    The new Loudbox Mini weighs in at 20lbs with 60 watts of sound.

  • [Musikmesse] Fishman Receives Award

    [Musikmesse] Fishman Receives Award

    04/08/09 in Fishman SoloAmp

    Fishman's SoloAmp has won the MIPA award (Musikmesse International Press Award) for Best Acoustic Amplifier at Musikmesse/ Pro Light + Sound 2009.

  • Fishman Starts Shipping its SoloAmp

    Fishman Starts Shipping its SoloAmp

    09/19/08 in Fishman SoloAmp

    Fishman has announced the availability of its SoloAmp all-in-one amplification system.

  • Fishman SoloAmp Acoustic Guitar Amp

    Fishman SoloAmp Acoustic Guitar Amp

    06/10/08 in Fishman SoloAmp

    Fishman presents the SoloAmp, a lightweight and portable all-in-one system which according to the manufacturer is aimed at breaking new ground in acoustic amplification.