Rivera Sedona Lite Combo 55 Watts
Rivera Sedona Lite Combo 55 Watts

Sedona Lite Combo 55 Watts, Acoustic-Electric Guitar Amplifier from Rivera.

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All user reviews for the Rivera Sedona Lite Combo 55 Watts

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Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 2 reviews )
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Shaven Shakrah01/08/2013

Shaven Shakrah's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellence at its price"

Rivera Sedona Lite Combo 55 Watts
The strong point is the first channel or the connection is optimized for expression of Taylor system (ES), including cable jack balanced. This type stereo cable to limit interference but also saves 6 dB of volume with a resulting signal full.
The other input jack is not balanced, and can be used at the same time as it has its own setting.
55 watts (lamps) are well, and there is a tweeter as it renders the whole frequency range. I tested with a MIDI keyboard, bass and treble are as beautiful. Power is more than enough for a public of 50 people see (it's lived), and if such return is excellent.
Combine all this with wide dynamic lights, and gives exceptional sound.
The send / return is adjustable, as the output line; Rivera has done a good job.
The Accutronics spring reverb is analog and usable parrait me up halfway. Personally, I prefer a combination of pedals TC electronics reverb / delay, much more flexible thanks to the footswitches.


This is an amp any lamps that gives excellent immediate results.
Remember, once you listen to it is likely to be lost!


Taylor excels guitars with expression system!
Suitable for picking, strumming, acoustic.
Not really great for electric guitar, although I found a trick with a switch that cuts the tweeter. In this case, my Gretsch 5127 going really well.


After almost two years of use, my opinion remains extremely positive.
I first tried a Bose L1 Compact at home, but it sounded a little too "Stereo" and not powerful enough. I hesitated with the Sedona (big brother) but too heavy for me.
What annoyed me a little while: there was a small purr (60Hz) with the ignition (which did not pass in the sound) when playing it. After verif is purely mechanical vibration of the transformer. Simply reattach the screws of the transformer a little harder.
Most is the overall quality of the guitar string (taylor) => tube preamp => FX loop adjustable => Tube Amp => speakers. And all this gifts combo convenient and portable!
I would choose, perhaps with the new model that received at home a switch for the tweeter!

hamsterfield's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Rivera Sedona Lite Combo 55 Watts
Light amplification
Two Input Jacks
2 channels clean sound
Reverb integrates
Effects loop with level of output and sparbr />
The only possibly BMOL and the lack of reverb footswitch to disable and enable the channel changes


The setup is very easy to use. The push-pull provides flexibility in supplmentaire rglages.

Getting a good sound is a very easy thing to do with this amp

The manual is very limited (a single panel accoch on top of the amp. Rivera believes that this product is intended for people already knowing use this type of hardware, what do I AUI Drange, but may not surprise the novice.


Being an acoustic ampicillin, it is appropriate necessarly use which it is intended.
I test with any type of electro-acoustic guitar, he should on no.
The sound is very right, it renders perfectly the sound of the instrument while maintaining its own color and that makes her beautiful.
It is possible to respect fully the sound of his instrument or to work in the direction desired.
I love all the sounds you can get with this amp. Completely essential point he respects the nuances of the game and do not flatter artificially guitar sound as can other amps I see colors too.


I bought two weeks ago and what a slap.

I tried every conceivable sound amp. It is far better than the rest of the competition (AER, Fender Acoustasonic, Fishman ...).

Although very expensive, the price quality ratio is very intressant. It is the same price as the Fender Acoustasonic (head-set speaker) while the sound quality and workmanship is unmatched.