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  • Laney LA35C

    Laney LA35C - "Cheap and efficient"


    I bought it to complement a cheap rig for a few gigs as a guitar/voice duet. I’ve used it with a Cort AF510E and had the opportunity to hear a martin junior and a seagull played on it during gigs where we shared gears. That’s an honest amp which c…

  • Harley Benton AC PRO 60

    Harley Benton AC PRO 60 - "Harley Benton AC PRO 60" has images


    Un piccolo grande amplificatore. Lo uso per farci un po' di tutto. Chitarra manouche, chitarra jazz, sonorizzare ambienti medi grazie al fatto che avendo altoparlante bassi e tweeter il suono è abbastanza HiFi. Dotato di due canali e ingresso RCA è …

  • Stimer M10

    Stimer M10 - "Django Reinhardt's amp !"


    As rare as it is pricey, this myth of an amp was the one Django Reinhardt was using by the end of his (too short) career. A bit of history* « Jean Guen made his first guitar pickups and amplifiers in 1974, the year he jointly founded a radio de…

  • Stagg 40 AA R

    Stagg 40 AA R - "I was not unhappy to sell it"


    Solid-state amp, very typical for acoustic guitar The controls were conceived by an incompetent mad scientist It features a mic connector and a jack input, plus a jack output An active/passive switch that you most probably won't use It wasn't ugl…

  • Marshall AS50R

    Marshall AS50R - "Great for clean sounds"


    50-watt solid-state amp, although the output power is gentler than that of a tube amp. The anti-feedback function isn't easy to adjust. It features a reverb and a chorus, an XLR input for guitarist who sing, as's handy when you're playing o…

  • Marshall AS50R

    Marshall AS50R - "Versatile and faithful"


    Everything has been said already! It has an RCA input to connect a music player, which makes it ideal for playbacks It only lacks a MID control. But for the price...! USE It's very easy to use: You plug in and it works! However, the an…

  • Marshall AS50R

    Marshall AS50R - "Wonderful"


    Solid-state 50 W Jack and XLR for the mic Chorus, reverb and feedback control USE Easy to use. It doesn't sound neutral, I love its tone. Very clear user's manual. SOUND I don't play much acoustic nowadays, but back then it was great …

  • Rebel K60AM

    Rebel K60AM - "good for all music"


    I have played many different styles of music over the years including rock, metal, country, and jazz. The Rebel K60AM is a classic vintage amp that can do them all! I also own a Fender Twin Reverb and several effects. My problem was trying to get goo…

  • Peavey Ecoustic E20

    Peavey Ecoustic E20 - "Good gigging amp"


    There isn't much to say about these types of amps. They are designed for acoustics and it is real tough to mess that up since it is just simply amplifying a clean acoustic tone. Peavey Ecoustic E20 Acoustic Guitar Amplifier Features: Sol…

  • Peavey Ecoustic E208

    Peavey Ecoustic E208 - "Not Bad"


    These are not bad for the money. The produce a very usable and full acoustic live tone. As we all know these amps are not used for recording since the guitar is always miced up directly. These amps are for a live performance or something where you ne…