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  • [NAMM] Fender Derby Brown resonator
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    [NAMM] Fender Derby Brown resonator

    01/24/16 in Fender Derby Brown Resonator

    Fender presents the Derby Brown Resonator, a mahogany & maple resonator guitar equipped with a “Continental” cone.

  • Fender CD-60CE & CD-60 Mahogany

    Fender CD-60CE & CD-60 Mahogany

    11/01/12 in Fender CD-60CE All Mahogany

    Fender Acoustics introduces all-mahogany CD-60 & CD-60CE models.

  • [Musikmesse] Fender FR-55 Hawaiian Resonator

    [Musikmesse] Fender FR-55 Hawaiian Resonator

    03/25/12 in Fender FR-55 Hawaiian Resonator

    Fender presents its new FR-55 Hawaiian Resonator guitar.

  • [NAMM] Fender Artist Series Elvis Kingman

    [NAMM] Fender Artist Series Elvis Kingman

    01/05/12 in Fender Elvis Kingman

    Fender Acoustics transports players back to 1967 with the introduction of the Elvis Kingman acoustic guitar.