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Fender Acoustic Guitars user reviews

  • Fender CD-60 [2006-2010]

    Fender CD-60 [2006-2010] - "One Of The Best Guitars You Can Get"


    The Fender CD-60 is definitely one of the best acoustic guitars you can get, and that's with a very good price. What i liked the most about it is that it can be played by both beginners and professional players. If you are a guitar player that is jus…

  • Fender DG-7

    Fender DG-7 - "Great for beginners (but not only)"


    My brother and I decided to start playing the acoustic guitar a few months ago. I found a Fender DG7 on Craigslist for only 150$, in good condition so here am I, having fun on my first guitar :) UTILIZATION The global construction is good, espe…

  • Fender CD-100 12 String

    Fender CD-100 12 String - "Fender CD100 12 String"


    This is Fender's new 12 string put out for 2011. I was loaned on out for a few weeks to give it a go. I couldn't be happier with the tone and feel of it. This guitar costs $230 and it brand new for 2011. It should be available now at any store or…

  • Fender FR-50 Resonator

    Fender FR-50 Resonator - moosers's review


    The Fender Resonator FR 50 is an acoustic resonator guitar that has no pick ups or setting controls, and relies on metal resonators to give it its unique sound. The neck is made out of rosewood, and it has a spruce top with mahogany sides. UTILIZATI…

  • Fender DG-7

    Fender DG-7 - "Fender DG7"


    I'm in a band, r. guitar and singer. I've been playing guitar for several months, by I've had lessons, so I'm pretty good. I had gotten an Ibanez Gio (electric) a while back, and since I write my own music I needed an acoustic to get the sound I wan…

  • Fender DG-7

    Fender DG-7 - "Fender DG7"


    I've been a professional bassist in my earlier career, and I currently write and record from my modest home studio. Mostly Country music and Praise music. I picked this up about 7 years ago. Paid about $125 if memmory serves. Got it at an acoustic…

  • Fender DG-11

    Fender DG-11 - "Fender DG-11"


    I aquiured this guitar from the American Musical Supply website. I did so beacuase I had a need to play guitar. I paid 200 dollars for this unit and some equipment. I love everything about this guitar. Though I haven't had much experience with the i…

  • Fender DG-20S

    Fender DG-20S - "Fender DG-20S Natural"


    I bought this guitar at guitar cnter for $280 plus a gig bag (i got the price dwon about $100 and got a gig bag, nice). I played many acoustics there over a period of time, andthis one just seemed perfect for me. The tone that this guitar has is inc…

  • Fender FC-20 Classic

    Fender FC-20 Classic - "Tom Anderson Classic"


    I bought a Tom Anderson Classic in June of 2001 . This was purchased at Pontiac Music and Sound in Keego Harbor, Michigan. I paid just over $2000 for it. I bought this guitar because I heard good things about them plus I was familiar with them. …

  • Fender DG-7

    Fender DG-7 - "Fender DG7"


    Paid: $240 cnd Bought at local music shop, I boutht this guitar because i started a guitar class in school. This was the first guitar i picked up in the store, a played many others but this was the one for my alternative playing. The sound would ha…