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  • Sauter 120 R2

    Sauter 120 R2 - Benjixx's review


    I use it for 4 years ......... the big bass for an upright piano! and it's good! The sound is really good; There's volume. I had a yamaha 1st prize rotten before, and ..... changes everything. That 7 / 10, because the sound power is worth when …

  • Yamaha C3 Studio

    Yamaha C3 Studio - Appoggiator's review


    I tonn there ale no opinion on the yam when I open. I am classically trained pianist I do a lot of jazz I love Bill Evans and Clare Fischer. The C3 is a good tool to report trs quality unbeatable price, the best compliment I could do: the day I go…

  • Pleyel P118

    Pleyel P118 - graal7's review


    Very nice piano in cherry furniture marquettbr /> Despite a low price was a very good touch, the serious lack a little depth but the sound is very good in general whether to jazz or to play chopin …

  • Yamaha U1 SH

    Yamaha U1 SH - CyberMark's review


    The pedals can dbrayer central support of hammers on the strings. In this configuration, the sound, always pilot by pressing the keys, GNR is the "sampler" containing native sounds of the Yamaha Grand Piano. The movement keys are analyzed by laser. T…

  • Rameau Camargue

    Rameau Camargue - So-fi's review


    Trs enjoyable piano playing. I have chosen for the purity of his sound, and its quality of "contact "..... trs controllable dynamic touch. He transcribed exactly what he said ....... This piano plays in the big leagues. …