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Young Chang Acoustic Pianos user reviews

  • Young Chang U121

    Young Chang U121 - "A really great Sound !" has images


    In what musical style and context (training, recording, live, etc.)do you currently use this piano? - I think its sound mostly suits recording pop, middle-of-the-road music and so on. As for live, I'd say it should suit as the hammer mechanism ta…

Translated user reviews
  • Young Chang U109

    Young Chang U109 - " Hides his game .."


    Piano acquired in 1988, new. Piano tiny, ultra-compact, it fits everywhere. Given the size of the frame there is a danger that a tiny and medium takes the lead. It is clear that the Korean sound engineers expressed their talent there. Not conte…

  • Young Chang EC109

    Young Chang EC109 - daniella's review


    I have used this model for over 15 years without ever having a single worry. This model is ideal because it does not take space at all. Before making my choice, I have tried others and I am well informed. The value for money is right. …