Behringer MS40
Behringer MS40

MS40, Active Monitor from Behringer.

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All user reviews for the Behringer MS40

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Average Score:3.7( 3.7/5 based on 18 reviews )
 4 reviews22 %
 6 reviews33 %
 2 reviews11 %
 3 reviews17 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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Kergo's review

Behringer MS40
I bought them as low-budget monitor speakers when I started doing computer music.
To this day I use them connected to a Presonus AudioBox 44 VSL soundcard.
I still use them for computer music with Nuendo.


It's true that these speakers have lots of lows, but fortunately there are two knobs at the rear that allow you to adjust the low and high frequencies The ON/OFF switch is also practical.
It's obvious that these speakers don't have the precision of professional speakers, but if you listen to them regularly, you can easily make good use of them, always taking care to listen to your mixes on other media (headphones, speakers), so you can find the right balance between the different sound reproduction tools.
When I read that some people say the sound isn't good, I can't believe it. I think the bad sound they get is due to their soundcard or bad settings of the latter. Personally, I never crank them beyond halfway and I never have distortion.
The dynamic response is good.


I've been using these monitors for 6 years.
I've had the opportunity to listen to other monitors in a studio, but they are out of my reach. At home, I use the Behringer MS 40 as main monitors, but to check my mixes I also use a couple of Hi-Fi Tensaï speakers connected to my '80s JVC amp a pair of Beyerdynamic DTX 910 headphones, plus a pair of AKG cans whose model I can't recall. I also use my Phonic P620 to listen at loud volumes.
From my point of view, this product is a great value for money and it features intelligent connecting possibilities, frequency controls and an ON/OFF switch on the front panel, as well as an LED indicating the power status.
You need some time to get used to them and not let yourself be mistaken by their major defect, which is to highlight the low end.
I wouldn't hesitate to buy them again.
I must point out that I'm not a pro of computer music, it's only a hobby for me.

sw80's review"multiple purposes"

Behringer MS40
The Behringer MS 40 monitors are very inexpensive and have a great frequency range with a flat response. I used these for over a year and had some isolation pads under them on my workstation. I had these facing inward at ear level to give me the best possible mixing experience. The difference between these monitors and most others is that it gives you options on it to plug in your MP3 player or keyboard right into it without having to go through an interface to hear the sound. This comes in handy if you want to use your monitors just to listen to music through or take them with you for your keyboard but it is a feature that I did not use too much so it did not matter to me either way.


The sound was pretty good, the response was pretty flat and you can turn these all the way up and not have to worry about losing any sound quality. Because these are so cheap it is great to have a pair of them so that you can use them for multiple purposes down the road if you need to.


There are 20 watt amps built into each monitor but that is not enough power to really get a huge sound. But for the price that these cost you can not expect a much better sound. My favorite feature of these speakers is that there are treble and bass knobs on them so that you can adjust them accordingly. These feature is really only good for when you are listening to music through your mp3 player or using them with your keyboard. Because when using them for mixing you never really want to mess with the bass and treble because that can affect your mix terribly on the high and low end. You will love this monitors because they have multiple purposes but if you are looking for a big sound then these might not be the best option for you.

jeremstyle's review"Yes and no"

Behringer MS40
I bought these speakers for lack of space. I have used them to mix (DJ), as well as to do computer music and some other multimedia uses on a PC.


The audio reproduction is good if you use them as multimedia speakers. They are limited if used as studio monitors. The sound quality is not great, the lows distort pretty fast and the highs are not very present. The controls allow you to improve things.


Expensive for multimedia speakers, but not so for studio monitors. Might be okay for small and not-too-demanding budgets. Personally, I like them as multimedia speakers but not for music, to tell you the truth.

Ouafman's review"Could've been better..."

Behringer MS40
* Which technical specifications motivated your choice? Their size, price, near-field format...

* What do you use them for? Mix, monitoring.


* Is the frequency response neutral enough? More or less, you need to fiddle some time with the built-in EQ to get the right response.

* Is the dynamic response faithful? Yes
• Is the stereo image good? Yes

* Is the sound clear and accurate across the entire frequency spectrum? Not really, they lack lows and when you increase them a bit, the sound starts to get muddled.


* How long have you been using the product? About 2 months

* Did you try any other models before buying this product? Unfortunately, no.

* Which feature do you like best/least? Best: Reasonable size for near-field monitoring, price, rather nice finish...

Least: Above all the SOUND...It's true that for the price you shouldn't expect miracles, but you can easily tell these are no KRKs, for example... The sound is relatively neutral for mixing or monitoring, but I think you can get better entry-level speakers for less than an extra 100 bucks.

* How would you rate the product's value for money? They are not expensive, that's for sure, but the quality isn't exceptional either, so their value for money is average.

* Based on your experience, would you buy this product again? No, I needed some monitors quickly, but I should've taken more time to buy them and see what other brands, like M-Audio, have to offer... I'll try to upgrade as soon as possible.

fabcyan's review"Very bad"

Behringer MS40
I'm very disappointed with these monitors, too. I like the brand, but this is an abuse, the sound is unadjustable. As others have described, the highs are fine, that's true, but the mids are absent and the lows muddled. Indeed, they lack lows, but if you increase them, the sound turns unpleasant and eat up the mids. So the only way to get a decent sound is to decrease the lows and add a subwoofer to the system. Fortunately there are controls for the lows and the highs. Although I would even increase the highs further if I could. Resell them? I use them to watch TV, the sound is all right for that even if less precise, they are pretty powerful for their size and the connections provide lots of possibilities. Or to transform them into a Hi-Fi system, connect an MP3 or CD player, or any other player you use to listen to music. But they should be forbidden for mixing.





frenchee's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" great value for money"

Behringer MS40
usage: small speakers to return for home video editing and music. Also used in Karaoke (gasp: the insult).
Connected to an analog mixer 10 / 2 with external digital reverb, while the headphone pc (an old laptop that Asus has a surprisingly good sound card that does not feel like we have some bad pc re -sampled at 8kHz ... for geeks).


frequency response is good, the dynamics sufficiently met the original catch, good stereo (depends on the source) somewhat highlighted by my digital reverb, and the whole is not stifled.


I use them for over a year. I've been a PA amp + speakers 2x80W these returns there, and I'm not disappointed.
I listened to several models assets and liabilities in the auditorium before making my choice.
I even managed to sound with a reception room of 300m ² with background music, without any difficulty, even though they are definitely not made for that ... all you need is a good source and a balanced signal Input offset just enough to not saturate.

jeff26's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer MS40
Connectivity, size, 20 w rms. I use it as multimedia speaker, plugs into a laptop.


The sound is horrible. Do not expect to mix with or something. C just good pr listen to mp3 (with correction EQ essential).


Malheursement, I have not had the opportunity to try other model. I should have read the notices before buying. The only consolation price: 99 euros.

Stihle's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The Simple Monitoring of Poor"

Behringer MS40
I have bought because I needed to record audio. I needed a sound quality with a little power and does not take too much space to go a little studio. As assets they do not take place as those with an amp + passive speakers and more. The connectors are simple and practical location is different than the 2 channel mix can be useful if you want the mixer used in the direct output of 1 CHANNELS and exit from the PC to another. Damage is one point that the cable connects the monitor to the second Major Assets Liabilities provides but that is not good for the price we will not Chari. 9 / 10 Because of cables


Too Low. And that's saying something. I reach a good compromise with the quarter knob Bass and Treble halftime but for monitoring it vrement are not neutral and that's unfortunate. This is his big default. Otherwise when we increase the volume above half his starts gresill.Donc 5 / 10 was because of low quality and not top when we increase the volume too high.


This is my first and I'm pretty Monitoring meets up here. The potentiometer is still rescent although they make no noise, no volume down grsillement compact and solid. I would do at this choice because the economic price quality ratio we must recognize that it is practical. But with a little more than average I would have taken more neutral. So 6 out of 10 because of her really.

jardinkrew's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer MS40
For that price, there's so much better ...
Indeed for all other notices when moving from a bad to mediocre
There's an improvement but there ...
My girlfriend bought them for a monitoring system for light video editing,
recommendations on my way, I'm biting my fingers!


In control law (severe acute noon) there is a big bump to 150-200Hz, the midrange sound card and there is no treble.
By varying the markers were removed a little serious horrible by the cons of acute knob not back that shine, which has been high volume, it's unbearable, it gives off sounds like a fills for pregnant <img class="smiley" src="/images/audiofanzine/interface/smileys/icon_lol.gif" alt="" /> !!
It's a shame because the rest is the road (connectivity, manufacturing, dynamic), but the frequencies are massacred.


I listened to enough systems plays in order to support this view, and I am aware of the price of these speakers, but the value for money is really heartbreaking. 120 euros to hear the box, it makes a bit sore ...
Fly buy something else !!!!!

NatOris's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer MS40
Hello, I needed speakers for PC and I looked on the Net.
I followed the advice of some professionals who post information on some blog.
For the price, that's what I needed.
I DSIR speakers most Fidler possible dissemination of its vritable.
I compose in Reason 4 (300 compounds) and I'm pianists.
I have connected to my PC Athlon 2Ghz, 1GB ram. Basic sound card.


I do not know me ... All I know is I'm trying to listen
classical music composer trs pain and I find that the
that its fate is clear trs, trs prcis. I find it a little rsons
as if there were a branch of reverb on it, unless a is
the troitesse of my room.
With music HipHop Dub or it is normal to find low
somewhat lower, expr done! Is to restore a sound as prs
possible to Ralite.
When you compose, you will not touch the buttons, when you hearts on the sound, you've just qu'br /> button to increase bass.
A sound volume lev grsille trslgrement, especially not to put too strong.


I bought 1 month ago and I use it every day, the price is a bargain.
Fortunately I have not taken the multimedia speakers, hahaha!

: Fences make me an earache. I spend more time on it, the more untenable.
Treble you dtruisent your eardrums. Do not put too much!

With exprience, I do not have that choice would do ... I pray that you advise me the best way possible to get a little better at everything pti same price ... it must exist.